Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Raul LANDAVERDE & Kirby CALIXTE (SPD Warrants) (Armed Robbery)

On Thursday, September 9, 2021, I applied and was granted a search warrant (docket number 2110SW0071) and an arrest warrant for Raul Landaverde XXXX. These warrants were authorized by Clerk Magistrate XXXX at the Somerville District Court. During the evening hours of September 9, 2021, members of the Somerville Police Drug Unit responded to Chelsea, MA to execute search warrant 2110SW0071.

While I was in Chelsea, I contacted ELMO GPS services to inquire about Landaverde’s current location as I had an arrest warrant for him. ELMO services stated that Landaverde was at an address in Everett, MA. Detective Oliveira along with members of the FBI Violent Fugitive Task Force responded to this location and observed Mr. Landaverde’s white Infiniti sedan bearing Massachusetts registration XXXX. Observations were made of a heavy set black male meeting with a female and appear to complete a hand to hand drug transaction according to Detective Oliveira. The heavy set black male re-entered Landaverde’s vehicle as the female walked in a separate direction and the vehicle began driving away. Detective Oliveira followed the white Infiniti until he was able to confirm Landaverde was inside. Detective Oliveira called for a motor vehicle stop and the Infiniti was subsequently stopped in front of Royal Pizza on Washington Street in Somerville. Landaverde was placed in custody.

Also inside the vehicle was Kirby Calixte and a female who did not have any identification. Detective Oliveira stated that Calixte was in fact the same male who completed the hand to hand drug transaction in Everett. An inventory search was conducted of the vehicle where large amounts of marijuana were located. Please see report #21047264. It is apparent Mr. Calixte and Landaverde are selling Marijuana together in a joint venture and the two are observed daily by members of the Somerville Police and me. Due to Mr. Calixte’s statements earlier to Lieutenant Sheehan about being present and driving the rental vehicle bearing Massachusetts registration XXXX during the shooting/robbery. My observations of a heavy set black male operating the rental vehicle bearing Massachusetts registration XXXX are consistent with Mr. Calixte’s statements of the incident and that he was in fact driving the rental vehicle that was shot at. Calixte’s statements about being the operator indicates that he drives the unknown passenger who exits the vehicle to confront Mr. XXXX with Landaverde during the robbery while XXXX and Calixte await in their respected vehicles. Although my knowledge of Calixte and Landaverde’s relationship is extensive and are regularly together, he still made statements stating he did not know Landaverde. I believe Calixte and Landaverde conspired to rob Mr. XXXX together. They did this along with the passenger of the rental vehicle, who is still unknown at this time, and the operator of the brown Nissan bearing Massachusetts registration XXXX, XXXX. Again, XXXX is identified via video surveillance from Saint Polycarp Village.

Mr. Calixte was taken into custody and booked in the usual manner by Lieutenant G. Rymill where he was charged for the armed robbery from the day prior with Landaverde. Landaverde was also booked on the outstanding straight warrant. Please see Lt. Sheehan’s report on his interaction with Calixte.

I will be seeking a criminal complaint on Landaverde for Possession with intent to distribute a Class D substance subsequent offense. I will also be seeking a criminal complaint on Calixte for possession with intent to distribute class D. It is apparent that both Landaverde and Calixte complete drug transactions together. Please see Detective Costa’s report for all items seized in the white Infiniti.

Respectfully submitted,

Detective Fernando Cicerone #279

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