Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Devonte MCCORMICK (Firearm Discharge, Firearm Carry w/ Ammunition, Armed Assault to Murder x2)

The following is a brief summary pertaining to Incident #21047035:

On Wednesday, September 8, 2021, I was working in the Somerville Police Drug Unit as Delta-18. At approximately 2:10 P.M. I received a call from the property manager of the Saint Polycarp Village, Ms. XXXX.

Ms. XXXX stated that she had received numerous calls about a possible shooting in front of the Central Convenience Store located at 460 Mystic Avenue which had just occurred. I informed Lieutenant Sheehan of my phone call with Ms. XXXX and checked with the Somerville Police Dispatch as there was no shot spotter activation. As I walked into dispatch, they had just received a 911 call about a possible shooting near the convenience store. Within minutes, Somerville Police patrol units arrived on scene and located ballistic evidence including multiple spent casings. The scene was taped off and a crime scene was established. (Please see Officer Hartsgrove and Haley’s supplemental reports.) Detective Faria responded to collect evidence and video footage as Officer Sullivan and K9 Lobo searched for additional ballistic evidence. At this time, I responded to the Saint Polycarp Managers Office to view footage of the crime scene to determine what had occurred.

While reviewing the video footage I was able to observe the actual shooting occur at approximately 2:10 P.M. It appears the suspect was a heavier set black male wearing black sneakers, red shorts with a white stripe, black long sleeve hooded sweater. This suspect had a dark brown beard and short brown braids in his hair with blonde tips. Also, the suspect was wearing what appeared to be rosary beads from his neck. This black male suspect, later identified as Mr. Devonte McCormick, was shooting at two males who appeared to have ran into two separate motor vehicles which were awaiting in the parking lot between 460 and 480 Mystic Avenue. These vehicles were occupied by at least an operator in each. Mr. McCormick ran through the parking lot of 480 Mystic Avenue and into the rear passenger side seat of a white motor vehicle that was waiting at the corner of Mystic Avenue and Temple Street. As the white vehicle travelled up Temple Street towards Broadway, I identified the vehicle as a white Nissan Altima with black rims and heavy damage to the front passenger side of the vehicle.

As I reviewed the video footage of events leading up to the shooting, I was able to identify one of the victim vehicles as a Massachusetts registration XXXX. This vehicle is registered to XXXX of Somerville. I know this vehicle to be a common vehicle driven by Mr. XXXX who is in a dating relationship with Ms. XXXX daughter, XXXX. Lieutenant Sheehan was able to identify the second victim vehicle as a Massachusetts registration XXXX. This vehicle is registered to XXXX rentals. During the video review, Mr. McCormick is observed being dropped off by the white Nissan Altima which turns onto Memorial Road from Temple Street at 1:45 P.M. Mr. McCormick is observed on his cellular phone several times and walks to the area of 460 Mystic Avenue adjacent to the Central Convenience Store. Mr. McCormick walks in the area for several minutes until the gray Nissan rental vehicle bearing Massachusetts registration XXXX arrives behind the dumpster at 460 Mystic Avenue. A male is observed exiting the front passenger door of the vehicle and flag down Mr. McCormick. Mr. McCormick and the male, who is wearing a white T-shirt and shorts, appear to complete a hand to hand drug transaction. I believe this drug transaction to be that of Marijuana according to McCormick opening the bag and sniffing the bag in order to get a scent from it. The two go their separate ways as McCormick walks back towards Memorial Road and the male back into the rental vehicle.

Within seconds, the brown Altima bearing Massachusetts registration XXXX (registered to XXXX) drives towards the rental vehicle and stops in the middle of the parking lot. The rental vehicle drives in the direction in which McCormick is walking however, McCormick turns around and now is walking back towards the Central Convenience Store where the brown Nissan is awaiting. Within a few seconds the gray Nissan rental comes back around as the two victim vehicles are facing one another pinning in Mr. McCormick who is on foot. Both front passengers exit the vehicles and approach Mr. McCormick. It appears the passenger from the brown Altima registered to XXXX is a male wearing a white gator mask covering their face, black T-shirt, and gray pants with black sneakers. This male is also wearing a dark baseball cap with an odd shaped insignia in the front. The male who exits the passenger of the rental vehicle is the same male involved in the hand to hand transaction with McCormick. The two passengers approach McCormick and are observed striking McCormick in the head. McCormick is observed with his hands up during the altercation and begins to run away from the two males. The male wearing the black T-shirt and gray pants is observed grabbing at his waistband running after McCormick. The two passengers run back into the vehicles as McCormick is observed running from the rear of Central Convenience. At this time, McCormick is observed pointing a black firearm at the two males and firing several rounds at the two vehicles which are now speeding away. This is the point McCormick runs to his awaiting white Altima at the corner of Temple Road and Mystic Avenue.

Due to the observations of the white Nissan Altima pulling onto Memorial Road from Temple Street to drop off the suspect, Detective Faria went to the Somerville Housing Police Office to view their surveillance cameras with Chief Dan Meade. Captain Lavey, Lieutenant Sheehan, and I drove to XX Everett Avenue to see if the brown Altima was parked there. As I turned onto Cross Street from Broadway, I observed XXXX driving a brown/gray sedan with a white female passenger. I would note that XXXX was wearing a black t-shirt, and black baseball hat similar to the passenger of the brown Nissan registered to XXXX. As I entered Everett Avenue, we did not locate the Altima which was observed in the shooting. After a few minutes, Detective Faria called me via cellular phone and stated he was able to get a plate from the suspect vehicle. The plate of the white Altima was a Massachusetts registration XXXX. This white Altima had the black rims, and heavy front end damage consistent with the suspect vehicle. The white Altima was also the only white Altima entering Memorial Road at that exact time. This white Altima was registered to Devonte McCormick out of Weymouth, MA. Somerville Police Dispatch put a bolo out to all surrounding cities, towns, and State Police Departments.

I called Weymouth Police and spoke to Lt. Greeley. I informed Lt. Greeley that a shooting had just occurred and the suspect vehicle was registered out of Weymouth. I asked Lt. Greeley if he would put out a bolo to the department that I was seeking a stop and hold of the white Altima. At approximately 6:30 P.M. I was contacted by Sergeant Paul Donnelly that the white Nissan was stopped by patrol officer Riley Mackin with the registered owner as the sole occupant. I sent Sergeant Donnelly photo’s of the suspect from the shooting which he was able to confirm it was indeed the occupant they had stopped. Mr. McCormick was wearing the exact same clothing at the time of the stop. During the stop, McCormick asked if the motor vehicle stop was occurring because of what had occurred in Somerville. He was read his rights pursuant to Miranda and then gave statements stating he did in fact have a firearm in his vehicle and that it was located in a black backpack in the rear seat. I would note, Mr. McCormick does not have a license to carry a firearm as I did a check of his license to carry after Detective Faria was able to view the license plate of the suspect vehicle. The vehicle was secured and towed to Weymouth Police under constant surveillance of an officer. (Please See Weymouth Police Report attached to my arrest report) I would note, at the time of arrest, the two victim’s have yet to be positively identified.

Detectives Jason Costa, John Oliveira, and I responded to Weymouth Police Headquarters in order to transport Mr. McCormick back to Somerville Police Headquarters. Lieutenant Sheehan responded along with Export Towing in order to tow the vehicle back to Somerville Police Headquarters as I will be applying for a search warrant for this white Altima. Mr. McCormick was booked in the usual manner by Lieutenant Holland. After the booking process, Detective Oliveira and I interviewed Mr. McCormick where he admitted to the shooting and having the firearm inside his vehicle. Please see any and all supplemental reports as this case in ongoing. A further review of the surveillance footage from Saint Polycarp will also be completed.

Respectfully submitted,

Detective Fernando Cicerone #279

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