Medford Police Press Release Stolen Car Arrest


DATE OF EVENT:November 1, 2021 ​
TIME OF EVENT:12:30am ​
REPORTED BY:Lt. Paul F. Covino

LOCATION: Fellsway West in the area of Foss St. ​NATURE OF INCIDENT: Arrest of one adult male and one ​juvenile male after stealing cars

CHARGES: 1) unlawful possession of ammunition Ch. 269 S 10H

NAME: 1) Jahir Davila age 18
2) Warrant for Davila 93 Cummings Highway

3) Warrant for the juvenile Roslindale, MA

4) Furnish False ID to Police Ch 268 S34A

5)Break and entering to Motor Vehicle Ch. 266 S26

DETAILS: At approximately 12:20am on Monday November 1, 2021 the Medford Police received a call from a resident that lived in the Fulton Heights area of Medford. This person informed the police that some people in a white SUV type of vehicle appeared to be looking into their vehicles to break into their cars and steal items from them. When the resident yelled to them, they got back into the white SUV and fled. At approximately 12:30 am a Medford Police Officer that was on patrol in that area observed a white
SUV on Draper St at Foss St. That SUV immediately accelerated in the direction of the Medford Police Cruiser. The operator of the SUV drove over the sidewalk area and fled down Foss St. onto Fellsway West. In the area of 751 Fellsway West. The SUV struck a utility pole and then came to a stop after striking a garage.

Two individuals fled the scene of the accident on foot. The officer gave chase on foot as well. At that time there were more police units responding to assist that officer.

In a short time, the responding units were directed by the sergeant on scene to set up a perimeter in the area that the suspects fled. The Medford Police were also assisted by the MA State Police and MA State Police K-9 unit. One suspect was discovered hiding in the back yard of a house on Gaston St. and the other was found hiding in a car in a driveway on Fellsway West.
Further investigation indicates that the two suspects arrived in Medford in a white van that was stolen in Lawrence MA. It appears that they damaged that van and stole the white SUV in Medford to continue their crime spree of breaking into cars. Additional charges will be sought regarding the two stolen motor vehicles. Both of the suspects had existing warrants for their arrest. One had gun charges on his warrants and that same person was found to be in possession of ammunition when he was arrested in Medford. The Medford and MA State Police did a search of the area after the arrest for a possible firearm that may have been discarded by these suspects. Another search was coordinated during the day light hours with the Medford Police K-9 and K-9s from three other agencies to take extra precautions against the possibility of a discarded firearm being out in public.
This investigation is ongoing. It should also be noted that the responding officers did an outstanding job with their response and handling of this situation. The officers conducted a methodical search of the area and made a safe and swift apprehension of the two suspects all while maintaining the safety of the general public. This certainly was not a case of the police over reacting to a Halloween hoax as has been suggested by some people.

End of Press Release.

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