Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Marc RUSSELL (Assault w/ Dangerous Weapon)

On Thursday, 9/16/21, I was working my assigned 4PM to 12AM shift in the East-1 cruiser. At around 7:50PM, officers were dispatched to 399 Revolution Drive, for two men fighting. Dispatch then updated officers and stated that there were threats of a knife made and that they had received numerous calls from numerous different reporting parties. The following is a summary of the incident:

Officer Chris Fusco (East-4) was the first to arrive. When he arrived, he immediately went up to the first male he saw, Mr. XXXX, who was later determined to be the victim. Mr. XXXX stated that the other male went back inside of Ruth Chris.

Upon my arrival, I spoke with the victim, Mr. XXXX. He stated that when he pulled up to Ruth Chris, Mr. Marc Russell and his fiance, Ms. XXXX were in the parking spots out front, saving the spots. He asked Mr. Russell if he was saving all the spots and Mr. Russell told him that there was a spot in front. When he got out of his car, Mr. Russell got in his face and started yelling at him. Mr. XXXX asked him why he was yelling and Mr. Russell got in his face again, put his hand in his pocket, and chest bumped him, with one hand in his pocket. Mr. XXXX asked him why he had his hand in his pocket, told him he was in combat, and yelled at him to take his hand out of his pocket. Mr. Russell then reached deeper into his pocket and said that he was going to stab him and cut his head off. Mr. XXXX said that Mr. Russell said something about cutting his head on the sidewalk but he did not quite make it out. Mr. Russell then continued to yell that he was from Charlestown. While Mr. Russell made the threats to stab him, Mr. XXXX continued to back away from him, so much so that he crossed the street, running from him. Once they were across the street, Mr. Russell continued to go after him. Mr. XXXX then pushed Mr. Russell off of him. Mr. Russell then smacked Mr. XXXX. There was then more yelling and Mr. XXXX went back across the street, towards Ruth Chris. His girlfriend, Ms. XXXX came out of Ruth Chris and began yelling at Mr. Russell. During the yelling, a nearby witness, later identified as Ms. XXXX, yelled to them that the cops were coming. That was when Mr. Russell pulled his hands out of his pocket and said “They’re just keys.” Mr. Russell then went back into Ruth Chris.

While I was speaking to the victim, Ms. XXXX stated that her niece’s fiance, Mr. Russell went back inside. When Officer Fusco stated that he was going inside to speak to him, she stated that she would go get him. She came out shortly after and stated that he had left. Officer Fusco then went inside to look for Mr. Russell and located him.

Mr. XXXX girlfriend, Ms. XXXX, was inside Ruth Chris when the altercation took place. She heard a loud beep coming from outside so she looked outside to see Mr. XXXX and Mr. Russell across the street arguing. She then saw Mr. Russell smack Mr. XXXX. She yelled to an employee inside Ruth Chris to call the police and she made her way outside. She began yelling at Mr. Russell to stay away from them and she tried to get in between them. While she was yelling at Mr. Russell, she was raising her arms and pointing at him, while yelling. She stated that Mr. Russell aggressively, pushed her arm down. She then saw a group of women yelling at her saying that they recorded that.

I then spoke with a witness, Ms. XXXX. Ms. XXXX did not want to leave her last name. She stated that she recorded some of what happened. Video 1 showed Mr. Russell and Mr. XXXX across the street arguing, with Ms. XXXX next to them. It shows Mr. XXXX take a step back and put his hands up. Ms. XXXX stated that video 2 started right after Mr. Russell slapped Mr. XXXX. Ms. XXXX was telling Mr. Russell to go, as Ms. XXXX walked up to Mr. XXXX. Mr. Russell and Mr. XXXX began to walk away but Mr. XXXX said “You wanna go?” as Mr. XXXX walked towards him and said something. Mr. XXXX then began to walk away slightly then walked towards him, saying “Take the knife out.” Mr. Russell responded “I said that because…” The rest was inaudible. Mr. Russell then clenched his right fist toward Mr. XXXX and Mr. XXXX backed away slightly. Video 3 showed Mr. XXXX and Ms. XXXX beginning to walk away, while Mr. XXXX still seemed to be talking to Mr. Russell. Mr. Russell then yelled to Mr. XXXX to “Come on!” and that he jumped out. He then yelled at Ms. XXXX saying that her boyfriend jumped out into his face. Ms. XXXX put her hand up in Mr. Russell’s face and told him to “Get the fuck away from us.” Mr. Russell then smacked her hand out of his face. Mr. XXXX then got in between Ms. XXXX and Mr. Russell and approached Mr. Russell. Video 4 then showed Ms. XXXX in a parking spot, and the group of female witnesses yelling at her. Video 5 then showed Ms. XXXX escorting her elderly brother up the sidewalk while Mr. Russell continued yelling. Ms. XXXX can be heard in the background yelling “Marc.” Ms. XXXX and her brother proceed inside.

Two other witnesses, Ms. XXXX and Ms. XXXX, who were with Ms. XXXX gave the same account as Ms. XXXX. They added that they were walking past Ruth Chris towards Lucky Strike, when XXXX realized that she did not have her ID on her so they walked back and saw Mr. Russell and Mr. XXXX arguing across the street. At one point they heard Mr. Russell say “I’m gonna fucking stab you. I’m gonna cut your head off and chop it up on the sidewalk.”

Ms. XXXX, an independent witness stated that she heard Mr. Russell say something about taking the knife out and then saying “I’m gonna fucking stab you. I’m gonna fucking kill you. I’m gonna cut your head off and put it on the sidewalk.” That was when she called 911 and informed them that Mr. Russell may have a knife. She then yelled out to them that the police were on their way.

I then spoke with Ms. XXXX. Ms. XXXX stated that him and Mr. Russell were saving a parking spot when Mr. XXXX pulled up and said something rude. Mr. Russell told him there was free space and pointed to a spot in front. After Mr. XXXX parked, he said something to Mr. Russell and walked towards him and they began yelling at each other. She stated that Mr. XXXX bumped Mr. Russell. She then began talking about how much bigger Mr. XXXX was than Mr. Russell so Mr. Russell pushed him back and began yelling. She continuously stated how big Mr. XXXX was and how Mr. Russell needed to show him because he was much bigger than him so he could not let him just push him. She then tried to get in the middle of them to break them up. She then continuously said that Ms. XXXX spit on her aunt, Ms. XXXX. When asked when that happened, she said “I don’t know, I didn’t see it happen because I was already inside at that point.” It should be noted that in one of the videos by Ms. XXXX, Ms. XXXX can be seen yelling “Marc!” while Ms. XXXX is trying to bring her brother inside.

Ms. XXXX stated that Mr. Russell was saving a parking spot for her because she had her 70 year old brother in the car and she missed the restaurant and had to turn around. When she parked, there was a group of girls yelling at her. She stated that Ms. XXXX spit on her. All four witnesses stated that she was not spit on.

Mr. Russell stated that he and his fiance, Ms. XXXX were saving a parking spot for her aunt, Ms. XXXX. Mr. XXXX pulled up and asked him “You saving that?”, with an attitude. He then pulled into the spot in front of the one they were saving, getting very close to his fiance. Mr. Russell said something to him about that being unnecessary and Mr. XXXX walked up to him and said “Fuck you.” Mr. Russell asked him, “What did you say to me?” Then Mr. XXXX “mushed his face.” They then began arguing. Mr. XXXX kept accusing him of having a knife. He said that Ms. XXXX then came up to him and spit on him.

I asked Mr. Russell at what point he hit Ms. XXXX hand out of his face and he said that he did not do that. I told him that there was video of it. He then said that she kept putting her hand in his face and she also spit on him.

I asked Ms. Russell about the knife. He stated that Mr. XXXX kept accusing him of having a knife in his pocket even though it was just his keys. He later said that he told Mr. XXXX that “If he had a knife he would stab him.” He stated that he only said that Mr. XXXX kept accusing him of having a knife and kept saying that he was in combat.

Officer Fusco reviewed video with Security Officer XXXX at Mass General Security. Officer Fusco stated that Mr. XXXX can be seen backing away from Mr. Russell multiple times and Mr. Russell can be seen constantly going towards Mr. XXXX and hitting him.

Mr. Marc Russell was placed under arrest for Massachusetts General Law C. 265 s.15B/A: Assault with a Dangerous Weapon. He was transported to the station by the prisoner transport wagon, unit 200, operated by Officer Robert Anaya. He was booked by Lieutenant Michael Capasso.

Respectfully submitted,
Officer Priscilla Ribeiro #349
Somerville Police Department

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