The Somerville News Weekly “Newstalk Shout Out” October 29th 2013

Many happy birthdays happing in and around the Ville this week! First we have to start off with Mama Emily Tauro who will celebrate her 91st birthday this coming week! At 91 she still knows the difference between Santarpio’s pizza and other pizza makers out there! There sure is no fooling her! Another Somerville Mama that is celebrating her birthday this week is Mama Maria Curtatone. Yes, that’s right Mayor Joe’s, Brother Cosmo’s and Register of Deeds Maria’s Curtatone’s mom and you sure know that old saying when you walk into their home ” Mangia, now that’s Italian!” Another well known Ville mama is celibrating her birthday this week and happy birthday greetings goes out to “Helena Lafuente!” Helena is wife to our Ward 4 Alderman Tony Lafuente who also made the Somerville News Weekly’s “Favorite Photo of the day on page 12 when you get a chance to flip the pages. A happy 80th birthday goes out to our good friend Ron Glejzer who has been partying all week we heard celebrating the magic day! We wish all of our birthday boys and girls the all very best for a lifetime of happiness for many years to come!
Get well soon greetings go out to our good friend Ann Joyce, mother of former Ward 2 Alderman Kenny Joyce who took a nasty fay last Friday and ended up in the emergency room for a few days! Ann is also one of our most avid readers and more important she’s a good friend. We hear that Ann is beginning to show signs of recovery from her injury’s and should be home on the mend very soon. And we wish Ann all the best for a speedy recovery.

A great big get well soon goes out to our good friend Michael Cafferty who has been laid up in the MGH after having some surgery, but now he is on the road to recovery feeling much better then ever!
Michael is a great guy and an avid reader of the Somerville News Weekly!
He is also brother to one of our good friends and famous Facebook personality, Dan Cafferty!
Both gentlemen are two good guys and we wish them all the best! Go Sox!
This Somerville News Weekly would like to welcome four very distinguished gentleman and fantastic writers to The Somerville News Weekly Team. Our good friends Former Somerville News Editor Jamie Norton, Former Congressional Candidate Paul Maisano, Somerville Ward 1 candidate for alderman Matthew McLaughlin who also did some writing while he was stationed in Iraq and our good old friend Former Editor of the magazine, “The Pilot” as well as he was a former editor of The Somerville News, Neil W. McCabe who as well did so writing while stationed in the Persian Gulf. All four of them at one time or another all wrote for the former Somerville News as well. So as far as we’re concerned and like what Blus Brothers Elwood and Jake said when they round up their old band, “T­­­­­­he band is back together again and without Mother Superior!” We’re certainly sure that some very interesting articles will come out of their magic pens in the weeks to come so stay tuned in and don’t miss it! The Somerville News Weekly welcomes you guys with open arms and we can’t wait to read your columns! Thank you and we wish you guys all the best!
A new restaurant is taking the city by storm! We’re talking about the new “WEST 7 BISTRO” located in Teele Square Somerville at the former “Amelia’s Restaurant location on Broadway! Great food, good conversations over a couple of cocktails in its quint setting and it’s beginning to be the place to go in the Ville! You just got to check it out and tell them we sent you
More bothering news coming out of the alleged Somerville DPW scandal again and this time its growing legs and being talked about everywhere. We also heard that a certain individual at the DPW garage was allegedly using city-owned property such as DPW utility trailers and DPW vehicles to bring his golf cart and other equipment up to his campsite in New Hampshire. Is that allowed in the first place? Using city property and putting wear and tear on them for your own personal reasons and never mind driving them out of the city, but driving them out of the state? Not cool! Especially with someone catching it all on camera again? Sources and rumors are telling us that this was no secret. Just like the vintage blue convertible that someone restored right in the city’s DPW garage right in front of everyone and under their noses. We hear that the “Sandman” and his partners want to volunteer and share some more photos as well? We’re sure that they will drop them off for us again, we hope? And just to make it very clear to all, we are not making this stuff up, we are only doing our jobs and reporting what our finding are of news that we receive on a daily basis. We still have white envelopes the we haven’t even opened as of yet and some we have opened but not reported yet that were anonymously delivered to our doorsteps. The reason why we haven’t printed everything that we have already received just yet, isn’t because we are lazy or holding out or anything like that, it’s just because there is so much that we received and we are trying to verify all of it before we let it hit the streets and into our news delivery boxes. But we can assure you that you can expect to read about it real soon and only here in The Somerville News Weekly
While we continue to sort out more of our received news tips, maybe in the meanwhile officers and investigators assigned to this case regarding the DPW Garage scandal should pull all the receipts and records for about a year or two or maybe even three years ago from the auto parts store where the DPW garage allegedly has a charge account from the auto parts located at 625 McGrath highway and as well as for the other one in that other place in Alston where a certain person in question allegedly may have charged years’ worth of parts and supplies to fix personal cars of his own and others for his for friends and relatives for his own personal gain on your dime, the taxpayer. The alleged scheme sounds like it was pretty clever. The parts that this moron needed to fix these privately owned vehicles, he would just simply call one of the two auto parts stores in question, order the part, PO it to a city vehicle, charging to the City of Somerville on the part store’s charge account and bingo, he has his free parts! Now just picture in our minds hundreds of parts for the past three years that we heard of but who knows how far back this plot goes and for how long? Makes your stomach turn doesn’t it? The easiest way to investigate this would be to pull every part slip ordered for the past ten year that this clown has been working there. Match up every slip to every city owned vehicle that it was ordered for. Then see is the application (part) is actully for that vehicle. if it application (part) crossrefrence numbers don’t match, look who ordered the part and look who okayed and signed for it and you got your man! So sad those resources have to be wasted on stupid crap like this but it’s your money, the taxpayer’s dime so you got to do what you got to do!
We were made are the most of the aldermen don’t even know that this investigation is even going on because it’s so tight lipid. We do have to take this opportunity to applaud our mayor for wasting no time in contacting the police as soon as he heard about alleged rumors that this was going on and immediately initiated this investigation.
And while you’re at it dig up the receipts from that body shop that’s located behind the high school at the corner of Medford street and see how many personal vehicles that belonged to this moron were repaired there. we’re almost positive that you will find that all the body repairs were done in exchange for allegedly sending them city repair work on DPW vehicles all the while anther body shop across town bid and was awarded and held the repair contract but was allegedly cheated out of the opportunity to fix the vehicles. Someone told us that the repair shop that was duped is thinking about suing the city for the repair that they were cheated out of to fix this vehicle in the first place according to their contract. It is what it is so stay tuned as we release more next week. This will be very interesting and time will tell!
We heard rumors that are floating around the city that the chief of police’s three year mark anniversary from when he first signed his contract with the City of Somerville to work here as chief is coming up this coming December 20th and that the administration was not going to renew it for the next two extra year’s extension. If this is true we only hope this time around if the mayor is going to look for another chief of police down the road that he should look within our city limits because we have very much qualified talent within our own police department. In a way it’s unfortunate because this chief is a real nice guy and a real gentleman. But who knows what the plans are. Maybe this chief doesn’t want to stay in Somerville? Who know, we will have to just wait and see.



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