Oliveira arrest

On Monday, October 14, 2013, I, Detective-Sergeant Lavey, was working a paid detail assignment at Samba Bar and Grille located at 608 Somerville Ave. At approximately 12:50 AM, I observed two men and two women exiting the night club in a hurried manner. One male was attempting to push the other male away from one of the two females later identified as the victim, I followed the four outside where I observed one male (never identified) trying to prevent the defendant from getting at v. The defendant was very angry and being very aggressive. Finally, the defendant pushed the unidentified male out of the way, approached v, grabbed her arm and they began to argue while she cried. The defendant then slapped v on the left side of her face with his right hand and she pulled away holding her face. The slap was violent and loud and v head spun to her right.

I stepped in and placed the defendant in an arm-bar hold and placed him against a parked car where I was able to handcuff him. v requested I not arrest the defendant so she could just take him home v said the entire incident was her fault because she observed the defendant kissing another woman and she became jealous which caused an argument.

v said the defendant and she have been boyfriend/girlfriend for seven years. When the defendant was taken away in the mobile prisoner transport vehicle, I advised v of her 209a rights. v declined an abuse prevention order and medical attention even though she complained of pain on the left side of her face. I examined her face and observed some swelling under her left eye and the side of her cheek.

The defendant was identified as Arildo Oliveira of Revere during the booking process. v appeared at the SPD to bail out Oliveira
Flaherty arrest

The following is a brief summary of incident #13038595: Continue reading SOMERVILLE NEWS WEEKLY’S SOMERVILLE POLICE ARRESTS/CRIMES OF THE WEEK

St.Clement Anchors Football Sports Update

By Colin Walsh
 The St. Clement Anchors matched up against the Defending Super Bowl Champion Cathedral Panthers this past Saturday and both teams put on a great defensive clinic.
Cathedral had lost only one game since 2010, which was a controversial loss in the 2011 Super Bowl. St. Clement relished the roll of underdog and used it as motivation. “We knew we had the horses to be in the race with Cathedral we just had to execute the game plan” said Assistant Head Coach George Murray. Continue reading St.Clement Anchors Football Sports Update

Join Somerville Department of Veteran’s Services On Veterans Day

    EVENT. On Veterans Day – Monday, 11 November, between 1400 and 1700 – the Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital Home Base Program will present Challenges and Hope:
    What’s Facing Returning Veterans and Military Families, a forum of military, business, government, health care, policy, and philanthropy leaders to address the challenges facing our returning veterans and their families as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan come to an end. The event will take place at the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum, Columbia Point, Boston. To register, contact Emma Morrison at 617-643-3829 or

Supporting Food Day in Massachusetts October 24th

What does a local food system look like?


Somerville is the densest city in New England, topping the population scale at 77,104 in 4.2 sq. miles of space. Somerville’s lack of open space and its rich industrial history (contaminated soil is a challenge that residents face when attempting to garden) allows for an endless amount of creativity that people are using to participate in the ‘grow your own’ movement. From porches to rooftops, raised beds to reclaimed lots, businesses, individuals, and youth are building crop knowledge and farming experience as a community. Although Somerville has a long way to go to create the kind of autonomy from the global food system that many cities around the world are striving for, there are features that should be celebrated for its innovation and forward thinking for a healthier, collaborative, and resilient community. Continue reading Supporting Food Day in Massachusetts October 24th