Somerville’s Former Transfer Station/Eyesore Soon To Be A Forgotten Memory


By William Tauro

The City of Somerville held it’s wall breaking ceremony on this past Monday at the old incinerator and former transfer station on Linwood Street.
“We may be gathering to mark the tearing down of the transfer station, but we are celebrating the building of a new future for Brickbottom and InnerBelt,” said Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone. “In creating SomerVision, the city’s 20-Year Comprehensive Plan, community members designated Brickbottom/InnerBelt as a transformative area targeted for mixed-use, transit-oriented redevelopment that will provide an economic engine for our city. And with the transfer station coming down, the Green Line Extensioncoming in, and the grounding of McGrath under review, we are well on our way. Reclaiming this once and future thriving neighborhood will help us reach our shared SomerVision goals of creating 30,000 new jobs, new and affordable housing, and new commercial tax revenues to fund our services and schools.”

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Anchormen Decimate Mustangs 41-6, Ascend to Central Catholic Small League Champions

​This Saturday October 26, the Saint Clement Anchormen faced their final step in their journey to the playoffs by defeating the Marian Mustangs 41-6, capturing the Catholic Central League Small League Champions. The first quarter started with Saint Clement gaining the first lead off a touchdown by RB Deron Hines (Chelsea). Although this would be Hines’ only TD for the game, he would continue being the glue guy by gaining enormous running yards and playing stellar defense for the squad. With about 4 minutes remaining in the quarter, LB Marcus Carvalho (Chelsea) would get an interception. This led to another touchdown for the Anchormen, this time scored by RB Branden Williams. The quarter would end with SC leading 14-0.

The second quarter started with another interception for the Anchormen, this time by CB Macallen Marcelin (Medford), showing off their much improved defense compared to the beginning of the season. This led to another touchdown by WR Junior Oyaronbi (Malden)from a long pass from QB Mike Sullivan (Everett). Although he is rarely mentioned here, Sullivan has done the team extremely well by setting up a lot of the touchdowns that the various Anchormen receivers score. Although the Mustangs would get an interception of their own halfway through the quarter, they were unable to make anything out of it, leaving the score at the half with the Anchormen leading 21-0.

Saint Clement could not rest for long as the 3rd quarter kicked into gear. Williams would get yet another touchdown this quarter, extending the Anchormen lead to 28. Not long after, a fumble recovery would lead SC to yet another touchdown, this one being Oyaronbi’s second of the night as well. There was another fumble recovery on SC’s part later in the game. This was shortly followed by yet another touchdown, this time by RB Casey Baptiste (Medford). The quarter ended 41-0 Anchormen, with the Mustangs looking all but beaten.

The fourth quarter is where the Anchormen decided to put in their Junior Varsity squad. This would eventually lead to a single touchdown for Marian, but this would be mostly inconsequential to the game overall.

The message ringing through the entire team after the game was echoed by Coach Walsh; “It’s been a long time coming.” Saint Clement was not only in the playoffs for the first time after a long drought, but they were the champions of their league. The playoffs won’t be easy, but the Anchormen looked focused and hardened through the regular season. Their first playoff game will be this Saturday November 2nd vs Chelsea High School at 7 pm at Dilboy Stadium. Please come out and show your anchors some support.


Tom Bent to receive Lifetime Achievement Award, MassChallenge founder John Harthorne to keynote Chamber of Commerce Dinner



Photo by Kulbako Photography


The 2013 recipient of the John W. Fitzgerald Lifetime Achievement Award – named for the founder of Ames Safety Envelope Company, now Ames Business Park, and the first Chair of the Somerville Chamber of Commerce – will be Thomas Bent of Bent Electrical Contractors. The award will be presented at the Chamber’s 67th Annual Dinner on Wednesday, November 6, at the Holiday Inn.

Tom Bent was chair of the Chamber’s Board of Directors from 1990 to 1997.  He has served as the Chamber’s Government Affairs Committee Chair since 1998.  In addition to his central leadership roles in shaping and guiding the 21st Century Chamber, he has served as Mayor Joseph Curtatone’s representative to the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) since 2007.  During his tenure as MPO representative he has been instrumental in bringing to Somerville the: Assembly Square Orange Line transit station; Green Line extension; I-93 Fast 14 bridge replacement project; and the streetscape projects in Magoun Square, East Somerville, and Somerville Avenue.  Continue reading Tom Bent to receive Lifetime Achievement Award, MassChallenge founder John Harthorne to keynote Chamber of Commerce Dinner

A Commentary on Development in Somerville



By Matthew McLaughlin

I remember the day the roof collapsed at Russ’ Donuts. As a child my brothers and I would go there from Lexington Park and get fresh donuts that would put Krispy Kreme to shame. When the roof collapsed, the business was forced to close. Soon after, condos appeared.
The trend in my neighborhood at the time was that any vacant space was gobbled up and used for new apartments.

With this development, the identity of the neighborhood changed. Many people I grew up with moved away, either by choice or because they could no longer afford to stay. Those who remain can only remember the neighborhood that once existed. The most frustrating aspect of this transformation was that the community had no say in how it was being shaped.
Today, East Somerville is experiencing a similar wave of development. Unlike when I was younger, I am now in a position to influence the future of my community. The most important thing I will do as Ward 1 alderman is to listen to my constituents and represent their hopes and aspirations for the community. Continue reading A Commentary on Development in Somerville