First You See It, But Now You Don’t?

By William Tauro

The title of the article obviously referring to the views of the newly constructed apartment complex at Assembly Row in Somerville that are now obstructed by a building being constructed directly in front of its windows blocking its views.

Over the past month or so the newly constructed gigantic office building sprang from the ground up which seems like overnight to neighbors down at the Assembly Row construction site.

Not even thirty days ago this office building was nowhere to be found and the buildings behind it had clear views of the calm waters of the Mystic River, otherwise known to some as “Somerville’s Waterfront!”



Day of the Dead Altars Step By Step Process of Making Day of the Dead Altars At Somerville Arts Council



Once you have your altar complete, you can personalize it and pay tribute to the loved one of your choice
Photo When you are finished, Place a photo of the person to whom the altar is dedicated on the top level of the altar, in the center. If the altar is dedicated to more than one person, you can have several photos, or if your altar is not dedicated to anyone in particular, the photo can be omitted and it will be understood that your altar is in honor of all your ancestors.
Flowers You can place flowers in vases or pull the petals out and scatter them over all the surfaces of the alter at The Somerville Arts Council.






Graffiti Overcome By Beauty In Somerville


By William Tauro

The turn around that is located beneath the Route 93 overpass that sits in between on both sides of the road between Broadway and Mystic Avenue near the Mt Vernon Restaurant in Somerville tgat jeads down to the Assembly Square Mall got a much needed facelift.

When recently revamped only a few years ago, some graffiti artist overtook controll of the wall’s exterior and used it as a giant blackboard.

Recently this week a gigantic mural overlay was affixed to the concrete graffitied over walls of the underpass and created a breath of fresh air with a wonderful masterpiece for commuters to look at as they are passing by coming to and from Rt93 while passing by Assembly Square!



20131007-172202.jpg Favorite Photo of The Day “These Are Real Somerville American Hero’s”


By William Tauro

“This photo was used on our sister news publication on a story we wrote and we are very proud to have it entered into our “Favorite Photo of the Day”series!

The story was about a local Somerville Bikers club, a hard working group of guys, Americans, good people like you and me, who formed a human wall around the Medford funeral home last spring while Boston Marathon Bombing victim Krystal Campbell’s funeral services was taking place! The bold move by the bikers was to discourage and keep members the United Baptist Church away from a scheduled protest to take place at her funeral!” And guess what? It worked, they never showed up!

“These guys deserve a metal and recognition for a job well done! And for a good deed that we will never forget as Somervillians!”

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