5th Annual Tina DeLellis Luncheon Honoring Mary Louise Daly


You are Invited to the 5th Annual Tina DeLellis Luncheon Honoring Mary Louise Daly Friday, October 25, 2013 from 11:30a.m. to 1:30p.m.

at The Highland Kitchen 150 Highland Ave., Somerville, MA Mary Louise Daly at Clarendon Hill Towers

Honoring the memory of Tina DeLellis, we recognize the continued good work by others in the Somerville community.

Mary Louise Daly is a Somerville treasure and inspiration to all of us who work both professionally and as advocates for the creation and sustainability of affordable housing in Somerville. After raising her family in Cambridge and looking for affordable housing for herself, Mary Louise moved into Clarendon Hill Towers — only to learn that it was an expiring use building and she and 500 other families might lose their apartments. Along with others, Mary Louise helped organize the Clarendon Hill Tenants Association and saved the buildings for the residents. For almost 25 years she has organized and worked for affordable housing in our community; we are all awed by her energy and perseverance and grateful for her example. Tickets are $25 per attendee, available online. Register early as seating is limited!

or RSVP at 617.623.6111 or KBenjamin@shcinc.org
Somerville Homeless Coalition, Inc.
One Davis Square
Somerville, Massachusetts 02144



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