“Winning” DPW Fighting The Graffiti War in Somerville



By William Tauro

Eddy Halloran of the City of Somerville DPW’s Anti Graffiti Unit is keeping the city free and clear of all that annoying graffiti.

While we were there watching from our window seat booths at Kelly’s Diner on Broadway in Ball Sqaure, Eddy was fast at work.

He was out front cleaning all the unwanted graffiti off of all the mail and news boxes as well as off of the light poles!

For more bigger and tougher jobs like exterior walls and buildings, Eddie has an amazing machine mounted on the back of back of his Somerville Department of Public Works truck.

He has a state of the art power washing machine that power blasts out a mixture of environmental friendly cleaning solutions mixed with baking soda to clean off deep down graffiti of walls as well!



One thought on ““Winning” DPW Fighting The Graffiti War in Somerville”

  1. So, that’s why my Ward looks so beautiful and clean! I’d also like to suggest that Eddy teach bigger entities, like the MBTA, how to properly clean graffiti. A lot of our bridges and walls near the train tracks would looks much nicer.

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