By William Tauro

Last Tuesday the 14th of September 2021 Somerville conducted a preliminary election.
Leading up to this particular vote were many irregularities.

I believe that my Campaign was the victim of discriminatory actions, producing and defrauding the final results.
Seven different individuals throughout the Community have come forward and expressed their version of how the election was filled with fraudulent and some illegal acts by members of the election department.

A few incidents included;
mishandling of thousands of absentee ballots.
Waiting four days to counts votes of thousands of ballots which disappeared from public eyes, even though, a machine was used to count a blind couples votes on a pre election date only to see one of those ballots torn up and discarded any after it had jammed the machine.

Polling station wardens and workers invading the privacy of a ballot after it has been adequate out and before it had been inserted into the machines by examining them specifically, and instructing the voter which side to insert face up. Polling station changes being displayed on the city website and then changed just a few days before the election date. Creating confusion and frustration with all ages.

Two sets of count numbers on the voting machines themselves, one in red one in black not matching. The question of Why a computer screen is used on a counter machine has still been unanswered by officials.
Requests for the absentee ballots to be mailed directly to unsuspecting Veterans, elderly, and folks unable to make it back to the city to vote and receiving empty envelopes courtesy of the election department just a day or two before their due date.

One specific case of a poll worker Illegally opening a sealed absentee ballot inside a polling station without it first being verified through the election department.

My Campaign committee along with the FBI has the evidence in their possession.
The Secretary of State Election Fraud Department has also been contacted.
This includes pictures , and video footage of certain acts of unlawful means. If anyone has a version of what they felt was uncomfortable or illegal please feel free to contact the FBI, the Election Fraud Department at the Secretary of States office, or me directly with your opinion.

But before any conclusions are made I would draw your attention to the specific timeframe of explanation. where the phone system at City Hall goes down during election te with no explaination. I won’t express opinion on just what could have happened but I believe that Homeland Security may want to launch their own investigation given the result shock. I cannot be and will not be deterred another challengers have in the past elections. I won’t wait for the results of the investigation to conclude but instead I WILL CONTINUE  RUNNING FOR MAYOR

In the History of Somerville it has proven successful on at least two or more occasions.  If you believe that fraud may exist and would like to support my campaign then please reach out to me for a sticker that has a simple explanation of how to use it in an election voting process
I will be happy to get one to each voter.     Interested in casting a vote for me in the upcoming  ovember 2nd election. You can contact me at 617 293 2016 or on line or through the many sites on Facebook. Please don’t hesitate as we have just over a month to make this happen.

I really need you now and Somerville needs you to end this circle of corruption that plagues our community.  Stand together with me and I will protect the rights of all our citizens.
Please vote for me on November 2nd in the general election.

Contact me for any details again at 617 293 2016 or reach me on line at my website thank you and stay safe and healthy and I will be looking for your support in November.


  1. I heard from credible sources right in Somerville itself one a former Boston US attorney that there are questions about the degrees of the Cameroonian gentleman running for office in Somerville. I was born in Somerville and partly raise their so I am concerned about my city. Who is this guy I heard he may have made false statements when coming to this country is there anything to that ?

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