New Evidence Surfaces Regarding Unsolved 1995 Somerville Deanna Cremin Murder Investigation May Have Been Stifled

(This new information has been supported by the victim’s family for a media release of this new find as of today.)

By William Tauro

The Somerville Police Department and Middlesex District Attorney’s Office are in possession of new evidence that has recently surfaced regarding the murder of 17 year old Deanna Cremin who’s body was found in Somerville on March 30th 1995.

Deanna Cremin was found behind a senior housing complex four days after her seventeenth birthday. An autopsy revealed she had been strangled, and her murder remains unsolved.

The new evidence received this past week leads back to over twelve years ago to the end of the Mayor Dorothy Kelly Gay’s Administration right into the beginning of the new current Mayor Joseph Curtatone’s Administration year.

The new evidence allegedly alludes that the current administration or the mayor may have been involved in an alleged stalling tactic and “stifled” the investigation.

The new evidence received that the authorities have in their possession as evidence pertains to the murder that reads in part-Censored version:(“The police department was very close to uncovering the Deanna Cremin murder.” “Apparently, on the heels of the arrest or blowing the story open the Curtatone Administration or xxxxxx xxx stifled the investigation.” “He said that this story is well known by certain officers on the force to this day.” “xx xxxxxx went on to tell me that the investigation was centered none other then the brother of the former xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx developer of which xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx.” “As you well know the xxxxxx xxxxxxxx is a close friend and xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx of the mayor.”

“He’s a xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx in the city. I am sharing this story with you because the only thing I could think of at night is a poor family of Deanna Cremin who spent over 20 years trying to get justice.”)

With more and more people coming forward and leads coming in everyday, law enforcement authorities must investigate everyone of them leaving no stone unturned.

Summary of the case:

In 1995 Deanna Cremin from Somerville, Massachusetts; was a student at Somerville High School, studied the Child Development Program (working with third graders) and was interested in being a pre-school teacher.

At the time, Deanna worked at Star Market and volunteered at Somerville Cable Access Television. She had three brothers and two sisters.

Deanna’s boyfriend, Tommy LeBlanc, would often walked Deanna home from his house every night, making sure she got inside and calling her when he got home.

Days after Deanna’s 17th birthday, she was out with her friends and seeing her boyfriend, where she was studying. LeBlanc would then walk her back to her front door.

However, this time he would only walk her half way, claimed she was walking to her house when they had departed from each other and did not call her. This was the last time Deanna was seen.

Deanna’s curfew was 10PM and she still had not made it home, by midnight her mother Katherine Cremin, had tried to contact her on her pager but received no answer.

The next morning, Katherine called Deanna’s boyfriend to bring her home, he told her he walked her halfway home the night before. Worried about Deanna’s whereabouts, her father phoned her high school to make sure she was in class. Katherine who was at work, received a phone call from her husband and heard the worst news of her life.

At 8AM Deanna’s body was found behind a senior housing complex on Jaques Street, not far from her home. Two children, who Deanna babysat, were walking to school when they had discovered her body mostly undressed. She had been sexually assaulted and strangled to death.

There were three main suspects; Tommy LeBlanc, a Somerville firefighter more than twice Cremin’s age, said to have been fixated on her; and a third adult man, later imprisoned at Massachusetts Correctional Institution – Cedar Junction. But no charges were pressed.

Years later, new forensic technology has helped authorities progress in the case however, details about the forensic testing have not been disclosed. 22 years later, investigators believe they may know who murdered Deanna but still need more evidence.


Why did LeBlanc walk her half way that night and not call her to make sure she was home?

Were there other suspects and how did they become involved?

Why are the investigators not sharing what they know from the forensic testing?

Was there any cover-up involved in this 22 year old case?

Should the Somerville Police Department recuse themselves from this case orcontinue to be involved in this investigation where it definitely is a major conflict of interest?

With this new evidence that has surfaced with allegations that alludes that the mayor and his administration are named in an alleged potential cover-up with allegations involving a family member of a former elected official who is a close associate of the mayor, should the Federal Bureau of investigation step in and get involved?

A conflict of interest may also exist as well as for some of the investigating officers assigned to the case who today still maintain an alleged friendship with the alleged person of interest referenced by the witness. Should these investigators all recuse themselves forthwith?

Anyone with any information regarding the Deanna Cremin murder please contact the Somerville Police Department.

This story is still developing as police continue to work on this investigation and sift through this newly received evidence.

38 thoughts on “New Evidence Surfaces Regarding Unsolved 1995 Somerville Deanna Cremin Murder Investigation May Have Been Stifled”

  1. Tragic. If this case received a fraction of the attention of the gabby petito case it would have been solved in a week.

    Total investigative and moral failure of both Somerville leadership and local media.

    1. Eugene, I couldn’t agree more. In my opinion, this case, has been covered up. I think about this case every day. I didn’t know Deanna personally. I knew of her, my cousins knew her. It breaks my heart, that there are people in my hometown city, that know exactly what happened and yet, they do nothing. This young women was raped & murdered. Where is the justice, for this beautiful human being?! God, will have no mercy on these people, rightfully so..Bastards

  2. In this city of Somerville…..this wouldn’t surprise me in the least. Full of Hacks, no matter where you turn in this city. It makes me absolutely Sick.

  3. The DA’s office has to start from square one, without the SPD. With the advance in forensics profiling and dna analysis, this case can finally be solved. There’s a murderer who needs to serve life for brutally killing this young Somerville girl, and justice is long overdue for her family.

    1. I agree totally with you! I have watched the TV shows Cold Case and see all these murderers caught with all the technology we have,why not contact the show that runs this show and take a chance they may take it..It would be a blessing for her family to finally see something done…

    2. I agree totally with you! I have watched the TV shows Cold Case and see all these murderers caught with all the technology we have,why not contact the show that runs this show and take a chance they may take it..It would be a blessing for her family to finally see something done…

  4. Good point. That is a ‘HUD property on which the body was found. With cold cases being all the rage, why can’t we get an investigation by authorities outside of this corrupt city.

    1. The FBI needs to be called in on this case the building where Deanna was found is under HUD who owns it is the federal government why can’t they look into this right away and if they have the New Evidence why can’t that new evidence be brought out in to the public I just hope that the family get some kind all relief find out who killed Deanna

    2. Did you know Tommy? Mike, in my eyes, I feel that it was either Tommy, or it is a very connected person in the city, who was stalking her. The person had to have been. They obviously knew daily habits, of hanging out with Tommy. I believe she wasn’t murdered behind that senior housing complex. I think she was murdered elsewhere possibly @ Tommy’s house, then dumped there to make his story seem true. One more thing, I believe Tommy wasn’t the only one involved. I imagine he had a friend help him dump her body there, earlier that morning, it’s a senior housing complex, that’s a great place to dump her body knowing all of these older people, would be sound asleep.

  5. Let the FBI do an investigation. Kathy needs to know Who did this to her Child. Kathy will not get Peace but she should get Justice. Enough let a cold case squad outside of the Somerville Police look into this. R. I.P Deanna😇

    1. Jeannie Murder Is Not A Federal Offense Unless The Body Of The Victim Is Brought Over State Lines Then The FBI Can Take Charge Of The Case. I Think The State Police Should Take Charge Of This Investigation Because The Mayor Of Somerville Is Apparently Hiding Something And The Chief Of Police Is Afraid Of The Mayor.Mr Mayor What Are You Hiding.

      1. The state police (Middlesex DA’s Office) is in charge of every homicide in MA. If the state police had enough evidence, someone would have been charged.

  6. Why hasn’t the Mass State Police Homicide Dept. Taken this cold murder case over a long time ago??
    Obviously the Somerville Police Dept, The Mayor’s Office, and Investigators have no interest in ever solving this case!! For what ever reasons or to continue to protect those who may of been involved, but protected and still being to this day!!
    Enough is Enough this family deserves JUSTICE!!

    1. The slain girl’s family does deserve justice. Unfortunately, this case reeks of a HUGE cover-up and pay off.

  7. I simply cannot understand how this case remains unsolved. We are talking about the heinous murder of a 17 year old girl, is there no one in any law enforcement agency who feels the terrible injustice toward an innocent young lady and her grieving family? I have followed this for years and it is always the same: new evidence has been revealed, then nothing. Will ultimate justice for Deanna’s terrible death sleep forever?

    1. I feel the same. “New Evidence” yeah, then nothing happens. Tommy LeBlanc’s family has their hands in this sick cover up. His brother Randy, who owns an HVAC business is city council in Waltham so that family is tied somehow to local government who buried any evidence even from way back. Big pay off. Can’t convince me otherwise.

  8. Tommy LeBlanc graduated H.S. with me in 1994 so how was he twice her age if he was 18/19 yrs and she was 17yrs old in 1995? He was not a firefighter either. I do think he should be questioned again as he was a bad egg from grade school through high school.

    1. Suspect #1 – Tommy LeBlanc, Suspect #2 – a Somerville firefighter more than twice Cremin’s age, said to have been fixated on her; and Suspect #3 – a third adult man, later imprisoned at Massachusetts Correctional Institution – Cedar Junction

    2. Article doesn’t state he was twice his age, one of the three suspects was a firefighter and almost twice his age at the time, the other suspect worked with Deanna at the supermarket, Very strange though Tommy has not spoken with the mom since two months after the murder and never took part in any memorial for her HE was her boyfriend wasn’t he why would you not want top be part of anything in her name

    3. They missed a comma. There were three suspects. Tommy, the firefighter, and the guy that went to jail.

    4. Stfu!! yes he should be, as he was her bf at tiMe.. he was last one with her claims walked her half way home never called to see if she got home. Also he never tried helping find out who was imvolved. He also skipped town never to b heard of again. Never even asks how her families doing or partisapte in any of the deanna anniversary walks or church services.. Also.. there not sayin tommy was 2x her age there saying a fire fighter was an also another man. This family deserves an answers an justice!! Keep ya stupity comments to urself!!

    5. It was him they said that about. They were talking about 3 different people. Tommy & the firefighter (Twice her age) & 3rd unknown person.

    6. Dude if you read it right it says three men. First Tommy then a firefighter twice her age and finally another man. Mama Mia i guess somerville high doesn’t teach good english and reading anymore. Back in my day we was the best kept secret in the state of Massachusetts. Finally, yes they shouldn’t give up on any leads to solve the case.

    7. They were talking about two different suspects. Tommy and a Somerville firefighter. They were not saying Tommy was a firefighter.

    8. They’re talking about 2 different people here. Tommy the boyfriend being one and the firefighter 2x her age being the 2nd

  9. A picture of my house is actually in the paper it was so close to where she dies. That same night someone had set a fire next to my house in the recycle bin. I always wondered if that had any connection. Or just a coincidence. But that is all there is to tell of it. I don’t even know the time it was lit. Like many I have heard many rumors but would like to see it finally put to rest

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