Oliveira arrest

On Monday, October 14, 2013, I, Detective-Sergeant Lavey, was working a paid detail assignment at Samba Bar and Grille located at 608 Somerville Ave. At approximately 12:50 AM, I observed two men and two women exiting the night club in a hurried manner. One male was attempting to push the other male away from one of the two females later identified as the victim, I followed the four outside where I observed one male (never identified) trying to prevent the defendant from getting at v. The defendant was very angry and being very aggressive. Finally, the defendant pushed the unidentified male out of the way, approached v, grabbed her arm and they began to argue while she cried. The defendant then slapped v on the left side of her face with his right hand and she pulled away holding her face. The slap was violent and loud and v head spun to her right.

I stepped in and placed the defendant in an arm-bar hold and placed him against a parked car where I was able to handcuff him. v requested I not arrest the defendant so she could just take him home v said the entire incident was her fault because she observed the defendant kissing another woman and she became jealous which caused an argument.

v said the defendant and she have been boyfriend/girlfriend for seven years. When the defendant was taken away in the mobile prisoner transport vehicle, I advised v of her 209a rights. v declined an abuse prevention order and medical attention even though she complained of pain on the left side of her face. I examined her face and observed some swelling under her left eye and the side of her cheek.

The defendant was identified as Arildo Oliveira of Revere during the booking process. v appeared at the SPD to bail out Oliveira
Flaherty arrest

The following is a brief summary of incident #13038595:

On Saturday, October 12, 2013, at approximately 1120, while assigned to marked unit East-1, I was dispatched to Home Depot for the report of a larceny. Marked unit East-4, Officer Holland, was also dispatched as my backup.

Upon arrival, we met with loss prevention officers . According to lp , the defendant, Mr. Paul Flaherty, entered Home Depot and began shopping around, looking at receipts he had pulled out from his pocket, and began pulling items off the shelves and putting them into the carriage.

Mr. Flaherty then proceeded to the registers where he tried to exit the store with the items he had not paid for but using the receipts from previous purchases as proof of purchase for these items. This is when lps approached Mr. Flaherty, confiscated the items in his carriage and led him to the office where they then called Somerville Police.

lp also stated she spoke to a female who was in a vehicle waiting for Mr. Flaherty and confiscated some of the items Mr. Flaherty had taken out of the store that were now in his trunk. The female, who Mr. Flaherty claims was his girlfriend, then took off in a black vehicle, possibly a Chrysler, prior to our arrival. No MA reg was obtained.

Mr. Flaherty took various items including power cords and lighters, amounting to $296.19, pre-tax. A copy of the receipt from those items was taken and will be attached as a photo to this report.

Upon searching Mr. Flaherty, 7 gold chains and $7,412 in cash were found. Mr. Flaherty claims the gold chains are his and that he purchased them legally. He was wearing 3 or 4 of the gold chains around his neck, and the rest were in his pocket. When asked why he had all these chains and cash on him, Mr. Flaherty claims he was pawning the necklaces for more cash so that he could go buy his girlfriend a car.

Mr. Flaherty was taken into custody and transported to the Somerville Police department by marked unit 200, Officer Ubeda, where he was booked by the shift commander, Lt. Mulcahy.
Juvenile arrest

On the above date and time, while assigned to the Metro Gang Task Force, I was driving through the Target parking lot located at 180 Somerville Ave. I observed MA registration enter the lot from Charlestown St., operating without headlights. I flashed my high beams to alert the operator that his headlights were not on. I was operating an unmarked police vehicle. As the vehicle approached me, the headlights were still off. I flashed the blue lights on and off, once, in order to get his attention. They drove past me and began to slow down. A teenage driver exited the vehicle and began to run. The vehicle was still in motion. He was a Hispanic male, tall and thin, wearing a black jacket and jeans. Then the passenger door opened and two more teens exited the vehicle and began to run. One of the teens was a Hispanic male, short with a small build, bushy head of hair, wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt, shorts and a baseball cap. The vehicle rolled across the parking lot and struck a parked motor vehicle.
I radioed Somerville Control, made them aware of what I had just witnessed and requested marked units to my location. The three teens fled on foot toward Burger King on Somerville Ave. Several units arrived in the area and we started to set up a perimeter. An RMV check of MA came back to a 2005 Toyota Tundra, stolen out of Cambridge. A citizen reported three teens were in a backyard. As officers approached, the teens fled. A radio transmission came over that officers were in foot pursuit of a possible suspect through a yard, and over a fence, onto Merriam St. and then turned left onto Washington St. Ofc. Berrouet observed the male running from officers and he was stopped and detained. He was later identified as jv.
A resident at 32 1/2 Rossmore St. said her basement door was open and it was not left that way. Believing there was a possibility the suspects were in the basement, we set up a perimeter around the residence. K-9 Officer Tam arrived on scene with his dog, Max. While in the backyard, Ofc. Dottin saw some movement on an adjacent roof at 34 Rossmore St. He climbed up and observed someone hiding on the roof. As the teen stood up, I positively identified jv2 as one of the occupants who exited the passenger side of the stolen motor vehicle. He was ordered down off the roof and placed into custody by Ofc. Wyatt. K-9 Ofc. Tam and his partner Max, cleared the basement at 32 1/2 Rossmore St. jv2 asked one of the officers if we caught anyone else. He also self admitted to being a Port 44 Gang member.
Unit 93 contacted me via radio and requested me at the location where Ofc. Berrouet had jv1 detained. I arrived on scene and positively identified jv1 as the operator who fled out of the drivers side of the stolen motor vehicle. They were both placed under arrest for the above charges and transported to the Somerville Police station. Both teens were released into the custody of their parents. MA Citation R3074281 was issued to jv1. The citation will be mailed due to the fact he was released prior to the closure of my report.
Ofc. Wyatt filed an accident report for the motor vehicle accident. The struck vehicle was . The owner was on scene and advised. The stolen vehicle, MA was towed by Pats Tow.
During the search for the suspects, I had came upon a young teen on Somerville Ave. wearing a white t-shirt and jeans. As I approached the teen, I believed it was a young male. I thought it might be one of the suspects. I stopped the teen and engaged him in conversation, and then realized it was a young female. At the time, I believed it was three young males who exited the stolen motor vehicle. She was sent on her way. Further investigation revealed it was a young female, identified as jv3, , Cambridge, MA., wearing a white t-shirt and jeans, that fled from the stolen motor vehicle with the two males. Det. Magalhaes from the Cambridge Police Dept. assisted me in this part of the investigation. He is also assigned to the Metro Gang Task Force. He showed me a photograph of jv3 and I positively identified her as the young female I had stopped on Somerville Ave. Unfortunately, I can not positively identify her as one of the teens that fled the stolen motor vehicle.

Bairos arrest

On Friday, October 11, 2013, at approximately 1:57 AM, while on patrol in marked unit 660, I(Officer Patrick Canty), along with marked unit 665(Officer Eric Ubeda), was dispatched to 5 Cutter Avenue for a reported intoxicated female that almost hit a male with her car. Upon arrival, I was flagged down by the reporting party, who stated that the car had just left at a high rate of speed, he described it as a tan sedan, that he thought was a Crown Victoria. He pointed out that it was the first car at the lights at the intersection of Summer Street and Willow Avenue. As I approached the intersection, the car was accelerating up Summer St at a high rate of speed. I was notified by D20(Inspector James McNally), that he was behind the car on Summer Street in an unmarked unit. I activated my emergency lights and conducted a traffic stop at the corner of Craigie Street and Summer Street. Inspector McNally informed me that Bairos was doing approximately 45 mph and swerving all over the road.

The driver of the vehicle, identified as Nicole Bairos, immediately exited her car. Upon her exit she stumbled several steps off balance. I ordered her back into her vehicle. Ms. Bairos looked confused, so again I ordered her back into her vehicle. An unidentified homeless male, was in the passenger seat. The male claimed Bairos was letting him “crash” on her couch for the night. He was released at the scene. As I approached the vehicle, I could smell a strong odor of alcohol. I asked Ms. Bairos for her license and registration. It took Ms. Bairos several attempts to locate her license. She was fumbling through her documents and handing me the wrong things. When I would inform her the item was not what I was looking for she insisted it was. After speaking with Ms. Bairos, I determined her eyes were glossy and her speech was slurred. Adding that to the odor of alcohol, I asked Ms. Bairos if she had been drinking. She stated, she had not had anything to drink. I asked her where she was coming from, and she stated “, which is a bar in Davis Square. Ms. Bairos started to become visibly irritated. She started cussing and yelling at us for ruining her life. I told her I believed that she had been drinking, and asked her if she would preform standardized field sobriety testing.

Ms. Bairos complied to the testing, but was very agitated and abrasive. She was screaming and cussing, and not listening to instructions. I explained to her that it was voluntary and she could stop at any time. I asked Ms. Bairos if there was any reasons she could not perform the tests, injuries or limitations. I started with the 9 step walk and turn. The Walk and Turn test has 2 phases. The first phase is the instruction phase. The testee should place the right foot in front of the left foot heal to toe. Here you test their balance and if they follow instructions. The second phase is the walking stage. Here you test if they stop while walking, off the line, wrong number of steps, touching heel to toe, arms raised more than 6 inches, and improper turning.

Before I could explain the instructions, Ms. Bairos started walking, She was off balance and stumbled several times. After several attempts to calm Ms. Bairos down and get her to listen to instructions, I was able to show her how to perform the test correctly. I then had Ms. Bairos perform the test. She failed every part of the test. She started before she was told, she was swaying back and forth, she would not put her feet heal to toe, she raised her arms over 6 inches, she took 10 steps and turned improperly. The entire time she was performing the test she was yelling and cussing. I then gave Ms. Bairos a second chance to perform the test, I explained what she did wrong the first time and allowed her to try again. Ms. Bairos failed for the second time. She then stated she wanted to do and test.

I moved on to the One Leg Stand. During this test the administrator tests if the subject puts their foot down, uses their arms for balance, sways while balancing, and if they hop. Before we could begin, Ms. Bairos became frustrated and again cussed us out and stated she did too many drugs as a kid and cant perform this test. At that point I placed Ms. Bairos in handcuffs and informed her she was being arrested for OUI. She claimed that drinking wine was not OUI and she has been way worse in the past and driven fine. I then asked her about the wine, to which she claimed she had not consumed any that night. Ms. Bairos became extremely belligerent screaming and yelling. Ms. Bairos was transported by marked unit 200(Officer Diversian) to the station and booked by Sgt. Isidoro per departmental policy.

While at the station Ms. Bairos continued to be verbally combative, cussing and insulting myself and the officers involved in the booking. During the booking process, Sgt. Isidoro asked Ms. Bairos if she would submit to the breathalyzer test, to which she refused. I again gave Ms Bairos the opportunity to retake the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests, while recorded at the booking window, per departmental policy. Ms. Bairos complied. I read straight from the SFST Administrative Guide, so no instructions could be misinterpreted. I Started again with the Walk and Turn test. Ms. Bairos did not listen to instructions. She was swaying and off balance. She raised her arms over 6 inches, and did not touch her feet heel to toe. I gave ms Bairos a second opportunity to retake the test and again she failed. I then moved on to the One Leg Stand, where Ms. Bairos refused to continue with the tests.

Perez arrest

The following is a brief summary of the facts pertaining to Incident #13038312.

On Wednesday, October 9th, 2013 at approximately 22:13 hours I, Officer Kim while working routine patrol in marked cruise East 1, was dispatched to 78 Broadway for a report of a fight with a knife shown. Units Kilo 1: Officer Ameral, Kilo 2: Officer Monaco, Kilo 3: Officer Sullivan and East 4: Officer Holland were also dispatched as back up.

Upon arrival I spoke with rp who identified herself as the reporting person. rp stated that while walking home from the liquor store she witnessed a fight amongst 3 Hispanic males break out. She believed the males to be around age 20 – 25 years old. rp also told me that one of the males had a knife. A short time later Unit Kilo 2: Officer Monaco called me over the radio and stated that he had 2 males matching the description stopped at the corner of Myrtle Street and Perkins Street. A knife was also recovered at that location.

I made my way to the corner of Myrtle Street and Perkins Street and spoke with Officer Monaco and Officer Sullivan. Both officers stated that they turned the corner onto Perkins Street and witnessed 2 Hispanic males speaking with 1 white male. I confirmed the identity of 2 of the Hispanic males as Noe Perez-Vasquez and Miguel Ramirez. The white male was identified as victim.

Officer Monaco stated that as soon as he and Officer Sullivan turned the corner onto Perkins street he saw Perez-Vasquez throw a large knife over a fence. He also saw Ramirez throw a bottle of beer behind a tree and quickly walk in the opposite direction. Both the knife and the bottle of beer were recovered immediately. I asked Perez-Vasquez what he was doing and he answered “the knife is not mine.”

I spoke with v who stated that he was walking home when he was approached by Perez-Vasquez and Ramirez. He said that both individuals walked up behind him, and then Ramirez walked quickly by him. At that moment Perez-Vasquez asked v if he had any money.v turned around reached in his pocket and said he only had a few coins. v noticed that Perez-Vasquez had his right hand behind his back, possibly concealing a weapon, and that he was now surrounded by Ramirez and Perez-Vasquez. This put v in extreme fear. Perez-Vasquez again asked if v had any money, however Units Kilo 2: Officer Monaco and Kilo 3:Officer Sullivan turned the corner just as the event transpired. v stated that as soon as both Officers turned the corner he saw Perez-Vasquez throw a large silver knife over the fence next to him.

I placed Perez-Vasquez and Ramirez under arrest. Both will be charged with c.274 S.6 Attempt to Commit a Crime (Armed Robbery). Perez-Vasquez will also be charged with a VCO 9/96: Possession of Dangerous Weapons. Ramirez will also be charged with VCO 9/1: Possession of an Open Container of Alcohol. Both parties were transported to the station via Unit 200: Officer Isaacs and booked by Sargent Marino. A large silver kitchen knife and bottle of beer were logged in as evidence.

Massey arrest

On October 7, 2013, I, Officer Tim Van Nostrand, was on duty for the Somerville Police and assigned to uniform patrol in marked cruiser E1 (661). At approximately 5:56pm, I along with Officer Guillen (E2), were dispatched to Buddy’s Truck Stop at 113 Washington St for a past assault.

Upon arrival I met with the reporting party , who will be known as the victim from now on. The victim reports that she was at Washington St Apt 1 babysitting her grandson . While she was outside, her roommate, Raymond Massey, arrived and began to argue with her. The victim and Massey reside at . They have lived on and off with each other for some time, but most recently the past 4 nights. Although Massey is not on the lease, most of his belongings are at the residence on Marshall St.

v stated she wanted her apartment keys back, but Massey wanted to make his own copy since he was living with her. The two began to argue and v became in fear for her life. The victim then retreated into the apartment, and attempted to close the door. Before she could secure it tightly, Massey kicked the door open, striking v and knocking her over the furniture in the living room. The victim was able to grab her set of keys from Massey, but Massey began pulling the victims hair out. He also knocked off her glasses as he attempted to strike her in the head with a closed fist. The victim states she was able to escape and hide in a bedroom with her grandson. Massey then exited the residence, and fled in a vehicle in an unknown direction. v declined all medical attention at this time, but was visibly upset, and crying hysterically.

Present in the apartment was the victims grandson, . is only five years old, and has a disability that prevents him from speaking. However it was evident that grandson was shaken up. I observed strands of the victims hair strewn about the living room as well as strands of the victims hair attached to her set of keys that Massey had brought into the apartment.

As I was about to transport the victim to the station to obtain an emergency restraining order, Massey called the victims phone. I answered the phone and identified myself as a Somerville Police Officer. I asked Massey if he would return to the scene to speak with me about the incident. He agreed, and shortly thereafter he arrived. Massey stated he came to return her set of keys. He wanted the victim to return with him, but when she said no, he left.

Based on the evidence at hand, I believe it is more probable than not that Massey did commit the alleged offenses. I informed Massey he was being placed under arrest for Breaking and Entering in the Daytime; Person in Fear (266/17), Assault and Battery – Dangerous Weapon to wit door (265/15A), and Assault and Battery (265/13A) under the domestic laws. Massey was transported to the station by Officer Legros in unit 200 and booked in the usual manner by Sgt. Marino.

Due to 5 year old witnessing this violent incident, I will be filing a 51A report with the Department of Children and Families. The victim was advised of her 209a rights, and advised if Massey was to be bailed she would be notified. v states she will seek a restraining order in the morning if he is not bailed.

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