Somerville Board Of Aldermen To Recognize Deanna Cremin, Hold Moment Of Silence



Somerville’s Board of Alderman is set to hold a moment of silence in recognition of Deanna Cremin’s life as well as her untimely death.

In March of 1995 Somerville resident Deanna Cremin was murdered while walking home from her boyfriend’s house. She was seventeen years old. Her body was found behind an elderly complex on Jacques St. just two blocks from her home.

This kind gesture made by the board is also a showing of support for Deanna’s Mother Katherine’s eighteen year long pursuit of justice for her daughter’s murder.

The people of Somerville have never forgotten Deanna and continue to come together and show their support for the Cremin family.

WHAT: Moment of Silence / Recognition of Deanna Cremins unsolved murder

WHO: Katherine Cremin, Friends of Deanna Cremin, The Board of Alderman,
Mayor Joe Curtatone, and Law enforcement Officials

WHEN: Thursday October 10, 2013 at 6:45pm

WHERE: Aldermanic Chambers of Somerville City Hall


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