MMA Honored at 2013 MRF “Meeting of the Minds”



The Motorcycle Riders Foundation held its annual conference, the “Meeting of the Minds” during the week ending September 28. Attended by a contingent of Massachusetts Motorcycle Association (MMA) members, this conference was the original meeting which launched the Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) some 29 years ago. At that initial meeting were several key members of the then Modified Motorcycle Association of Massachusetts (founded in 1975), who became early founders and board members of the MRF. The MMA’s continuing dedication to and vigilance for the Motorcycle Rights Movement was recognized by the MRF at this year’s conference.

The MMA was honored with 3 awards from the MRF at this year’s conference. The first was in recognition of the MMA’s continued dedication to the national effort; it recognized the MMA’s commitment to support the MRF’s activities in a variety of ways including financial and the dedication of 2 members to the board. The second was a State Legislative Award which recognized the MMA’s continuing vigilance in defeating numerous community-based sound ordinances. The third was the prestigious Thomas Paine award presented to MMA Vice Chairman, Doc D’Errico, for advocacy using the written word.

In accepting one of the awards, MMA Chairman, Dave Condon commented, “The MMA is extremely honored by the recognition of our national sponsors. Without the MRF, the MMA and its peers would have nothing to fight for because the battle would be lost at the national level.” Recognizing the dedication of the many State Motorcycle Rights Organizations around the country, Dave added, “we are proud to represent an organization who helped co-found the MRF and who remains today made up of dedicated leaders in the continuing fight for motorcycle rights. The MMA truly ‘rides with the leaders'”.

Left to Right: MMA Vice Chairman Doc D’Errico, MMA Secretary Diane Alba,
MRF SSMRO Representative Dave Dwyer, MMA Chairman Dave Condon, MMA Off-Road Director Jim Sherman,
MRF Products Manager Laurie Horn, MRF Legislative Director Rick Gleason

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