Shots Fired In Somerville Across From Healey School

This Madness has to come to an end! My two opponents that are running for mayor that have been sitting on the Somerville City Council for over the past five to seven years have done absolutely nothing during their tender as a city councilor this critical problem. Actually they have been sitting on their hands and have done absolutely nothing!

I love this city more than you can imagine! Please write-in “William Tauro” for Mayor of Somerville on November 2nd! Take Somerville Back!! #TEAMTAUROforMAYOR2021

By William Tauro

At approximately 8:45 PM on Wednesday evening, the Somerville Police Department received reports of shots fired across the street from the Healey School in Somerville.

According to witnesses at the scene, some are saying a pellet gun, some say no way that they were indeed gunshots.

Four Somerville Police cruisers including three Somerville undercover cruisers, three ambulances and two Somerville Fire apparatuses showed up on the scene.

Sources reported that the shots came from an apartment building stairs that leads down to the Somerville Housing property.

This story is still developing…

One thought on “Shots Fired In Somerville Across From Healey School”

  1. This is crazy. With the uptick in violent crime, you have city council candidates like willie burnley, eve seitchik, and tessa bridge who believe in taking as much money from the police department as possible. If it’s up to them, there will be no police department in Somerville.

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