Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Lennox PIERRE-LOUIS (Receive Stolen MV, Resisting Arrest) & Michael KILLOREN (SPD Warrants)

The following is a brief summary pertaining to Incident #20045638:

On Wednesday, September 23, 2020, I was working in the Somerville Police Drug Unit as Delta-18. During the night, we were running surveillance in the area of the La Quinta Hotel. While I was parked in the Dunkin Donuts Parking Lot, located on Middlesex Avenue, I observed a red station wagon, bearing Massachusetts registration XXXX, pull in and park. I noticed the occupants inside of the vehicle stare at me. As I looked over again, I noticed the passenger as Michael Killoren and an unknown operator. I also observed XXXX at the vehicle as well. A white Jeep Renegade arrived and Mr. XXXX walked over and spoke to the female operator. It appeared Mr. Killoren and the operator, later identified as Mr. Lennox Pierre-Louis, were speaking to Mr. XXXX from the vehicle. Both Lennox and Killoren looked over at me multiple times. I looked over once again and observed the two males walking out of the vehicle and go to the front of the Dunkin Donuts. The two males walked back to the car and appeared as if they were about to leave. As they did this, I hit the break pedal to my car to put it in gear. The two males exited the red station wagon and began to walk away from the vehicle towards McGrath Highway. I now noticed they appeared nervous as they were walking in a hurried pace and with their heads down. As they did this, I reversed my vehicle to run the registration. As I queried the plate, I found it to be stolen. I notified the other detectives of the stolen vehicle as I began to search the area. As I reversed my vehicle, I made contact with a parked vehicle inside the Dunkin Donuts lot. This vehicle was a Ford Explorer bearing Massachusetts registration XXXX.

Detectives observed Killoren and Lennox running down Mystic Avenue towards Fellsway West. It appeared that both males went through several backyards and down side streets as we lost sight of both males. Sergeant Rego then notified Detectives that the males were crossing McGrath Highway going east on Broadway. Detectives, with our badges clearly displayed on our outermost garment, attempted to stop both males in front of Louie’s Ice Cream. As we got closer to the males, I stated, “Police, Don’t move.” Killoren ran across Broadway onto Autumn Street where Detectives Legros and J. Costa chased after him. Lennox ran down Kensington Avenue and into a back yard where he doubled back onto Broadway. Detective Goncalves and I ran after Lennox telling him to stop repeatedly to which he disregarded. Sergeant Rego ran to the front of the home where he observed Lennox running across Broadway onto MacArthur Street. After a brief struggle, Sergeant Rego was able to gain control of Lennox in the side yard of number X MacArthur Street. Lennox was walked back to Broadway as we awaited the mobile detention unit. A search for Mr. Killoren ended to no avail.

Lennox was transported to Somerville Police Headquarters via marked unit 200, Officer Delli’sola, where he was booked in the usual manner by Lieutenant G. Rymill. I will be requesting a warrant for Mr. Killoren’s offenses due to the fact he fled and will unlikely appear unless arrested. The red station wagon was towed via Export Towing and was located by Officer Duval.

Respectfully submitted,

Detective Fernando Cicerone #279

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