Letter from the Editor : Subject:[RatControlSomerville] Are we talking to ourselves here?

To: Our Candidates for Mayor:

I am forwarding a message from a member of the RatControlSomerville google group at his request. There are over 70 members of this group and our experiences and frustrations with the rat problem deserve your attention and response. Most recently, one resident’s dog was attacked and bitten multiple times by a rat in her own yard. Unfortunately this is not the first time one of us has experienced this but it needs to be the last time.

Please consider joining  the group so that you can tell us all what exactly you plan to do about the rat invasion if you are elected. The messages from this group are enlightening. You will see the frustration of citizens who have asked  repeatedly for help from the City and never, ever had a useful response. The candidate who takes the rat problem seriously and has a plan to end it will be the candidate who gets a lot of votes.

We look forward to your replies.

Thank you
Lynda Wills

Dear Lynda,

Yes absolutely Please count me because in I want to join this group. I have been addressing this problem for quite some time now with nobody at City Hall listening as well. My two opponents have been in office over the past five to seven years each and have done absolutely nothing but sit on their hand during this entire crisis. Please let me know how I can join this group.  Please notice the attached article below where I have addressed  this problem months ago with a plan.

Best regards,
William Tauro, write-in candidate for Mayor of Somerville

My Strategic Plan To Combat Today’s Somerville Neglected Rodent Problems | The Somerville News Weekly

My Strategic Plan To Combat Today’s Somerville Neglected Rodent Problems

Where I am the only non-socialist in the race, I’m your only choice for a Greater and Safer Somerville!

Write-in “William Tauro” for Mayor of Somerville on November 2nd! Take Somerville Back!! #TEAMTAUROforMAYOR2021

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