This Is Literally One of Somerville’s Most Dirtiest Elections

By Riane J Scirocco

How horrible is it to treat an elderly man near 80 years old like this! The lack of respect in the city is outrageous. This is where the city of Somerville is heading towards if you cast a vote for anyone else besides William “Billy” Tauro. Tauro is the only Mayoral Candidate that will take a stand and support the Police.

He will put an end to the bullying tactics of the other candidates that do not even deserve a sympathy vote. Billy will make sure that respecting our elders is practiced in every walk of life. Disrespecting the privacy of someone’s home is the lowest form of political distain. If someone disagrees for their choice in candidates then the simple answer would be to just not vote for them.
Now, more than ever we need a true leader that will be equal to everyone and treat them with the respect they deserve. Especially with those who have worked hard their whole life to achieve their goals.

It’s time for change! #TeamTauroforMayor2021

Photo:This Somerville resident who has a Billy Tauro sign out in front of his house had to wake up to this sight of used toilet paper full of human feces on his front steps this past Labor Day. And all this comes only after his car decorated a few weeks ago as well.

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