Real Life Somerville Police Stories:(Disorderly Conduct) ARREST

Faith MORGAN Arest
On September 22, 2015 at approximately 1405, I was in uniform and in the Criminal Clerk’s Office at the Somerville District Court. While there, my attention was drawn to a disturbance in the lobby involving court staff and a woman, later identified as the defendant, Faith A. MORGAN. At this time, Miss MORGAN was speaking in what I would describe as a loud, excited tone.  


I entered the lobby to investigate and observed the Clerk’s Office Supervisor talking with Miss MORGAN. Miss MORGAN appeared agitated and began to raise her voice. I was able to discern Miss MORGAN was upset about a 2:00 PM Probable Cause Hearing she was appearing for. Miss MORGAN’s behavior seemed erratic and she continued to ignore court staff and raise her voice. 


As I approached Miss MORGAN, she turned away and entered the main courtroom. Almost immediately thereafter, Miss MORGAN exited the courtroom with several Court Officers following. Court Officer, XXXXX tried to explain court procedure to Miss MORGAN and she became increasingly louder. It should be noted that during this time at least three Court Officers and several civilian staff members had to leave the main session while it was in progress to attend to Miss MORGAN.


Despite her uncooperative demeanor, I also spoke with Miss MORGAN in an effort to calm her. Miss MORGAN disregarded my directions and proceeded into the Criminal Clerk’s Office where she continued to be loud and interrupted court staff from performing their duties. At this point, I placed Miss MORGAN under arrest for Disorderly Conduct and Disturbing a Court Proceeding.


Miss MORGAN was escorted by myself, Court Officer XXXXX and Court Officer YYYYY to the Court House Lock-Up and subsequently transported via Police Wagon to the Somerville Police Department for booking.  



Respectfully Submitted,


Officer Michael D Brown


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