Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Shoplifting at Market Basket


Adrianna SOUSA Arrest
On September 24,2015 at about 3:21 p.m. I was directed by dispatch to head to 400 Somerville Ave. Market Basket, on a report of a shoplifter. On my arrival I spoke to XXXXX who is one of the store managers. XXXXX informed me while working the floor He noticed a female who he recognized as having shoplifted from the store on a previous occasion. XXXXX monitored this female as she made her way around the store. The female was observed placing several items in a shopping cart, as well as putting items inside a black handbag she had with her. The female who remained under surveillance was eventually followed to the register, where she paid the cashier for the item in the cart, but never produced the items she had concealed in her bag. Once the female finished her transaction and began making her way towards the exit, she was confronted by XXXXX. She was taken to the office and the police summoned.


   The female was later Identified as Adrianna R. Sousa. She had concealed merchandise to the amount of $ 98.64 in her handbag. Items taken consisted of containers of lobster meat to bars of chocolate. Ms. Sousa could not produce identification at the scene and was placed under arrest for the charge of shoplifting.


 Respectfully Submitted

   Steve St. Hilaire # 210


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