Real Life Somerville Police Stories:FUGITIVE FROM JUSTICE WITHOUT WARRANT c276 S20


On August 16, 2015 I was in full uniform and assigned to the Somerville Police Traffic Bureau. I was conducting enforcement in the area of Route 16 and Dilboy Field. Route 16 (Alewife Brook Pkwy) is a posted 30 MPH Zone and public way within the City of Somerville. I observed a 1999 Acura 32TL color green, Ma. 2PC814, traveling on Rote 16 Southbound at an estimated 44 MPH. I directed my lidar unit at the Vehicle and initially had a reading of 43 MPH, however, the speed was locked in at 42 MPH on my Lidar unit. I activated blue lights and siren to stop the vehicle, however, the vehicle just kept going south on route 16. I observed the rear passenger and driver separately motioning that they were going to stop up on the left. I continued to utilize my siren in an attempt to have the operator comply with the law, but to no avail.

        The vehicle finally came to a stop in the parking lot of Stop & Shop on Route 16 and Broadway. I approached the operator and the rear passenger had his hand hanging out the window with what appeared to be a Massachusetts license in hand. I walked around him and requested license and registration from the operator, the defendant in this matter. I advised the defendant about pulling immediately to the right and stopping next time while he was acquiring the documents. I returned to my vehicle and queried the defendant through CJIS. The defendants license status came back active, however, I showed an Alert on the CJIS screen “DETAINED WANTED PERSON – CAUTION”, so I pulled that screen up. The screen showed an arrest warrant from out of State so I notified dispatch who immediately sent backup. Officer Ameral was on scene in a few seconds. Later, when dispatch asked if I had seen the Caution elements I advised that I had and also advised my backup, the Street Supervisor Sgt Fusco and another officer, overhearing the transmission, also arrived for safety. Dispatch stated they were on the phone confirming the warrant and were awaiting Confirmation. Once Confirmation was received I approached the vehicle and issued my citation (R6646344) in the usual manner and advised the defendant to step from the vehicle. I repeated my request and opened the driver’s door. The defendant kept asking why and if he was being Detained ? I stated “yes, you are being detained”. I was yelled at by the back seat passenger, XXXXX, the defendant’s father. XXXXX attempted to get out of the vehicle and I stated “Not Yet”. I focused on the defendant and requested two more times for him to get out. The defendant stepped from the vehicle. Officer Ameral had his hands full with XXXXX attempting to keep him from getting out and interfering with the arrest.

        I spoke with the defendant, who was both calm and cooperative now, and told him in detail what was going on and why I was taking this course of action. He told me he was on a GPS Bracelet and I told him that did not prevent the Court from issuing a warrant and that his issue could be brought up to the Court. The defendant himself asked his father to leave, and subsequently avoided his arrest. Both Parents left the area in the vehicle. The defendant was transported to the Somerville Police Station for booking by Lt. Digregorio.


                       Respectfully Submitted,

                                    Ofc Robert W Hickey

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