Real Life Somerville Police Stories:DRUG, POSSESS CLASS B c94C S34


On August 16, 2015 at 9:10 P.M. I was in full uniform operating marked unit 871. I was dispatched to 25 Macarthur Street for a complaint of loud music. Officer Collette who was operating marked unit 874 was sent as my back up. Upon our arrival we noticed that 25 Macarthur Street is located on the corner of Macarthur Street and Bonaire Street.


As we exited our vehicles, I could hear a small group of people having a conversation on the side of the house. Officer Collette and I walked around the corner, where we saw a small group of people sitting on the steps located on Bonaire Street having a conversation. As we approached the group, I noticed that there were two individuals sitting inside a brown sedan parked directly in front of the side entrance to 25 Macarthur Street. In the front passenger seat I could see a male party, later identified as XXXXX, with a cigar cut open with the tobacco removed and appeared to be rolling a marijuana cigarette. At this time I knocked on the window and asked XXXXX to exit the vehicle. As he exited the vehicle the marijuana cigarette that he had been rolling fell onto the street. I asked XXXXX to completely exit the vehicle and step away. We then asked the passenger in the rear of the vehicle to step out of the vehicle, he was later identified as YYYYY. Once XXXXX exited the vehicle I was able to further examine the green leafy substance and came to the conclusion that is may be marijuana that had fallen to the ground. There was only a small amount of this green leafy substance on the ground. I could see the rest of this leafy green substance in a clear glassine bag in the cup holder of the vehicle in plain view. Upon seeing the bagged substance in the cup holder, I entered the vehicle through the open passenger door to retrieve this substance. I located another clear glassine bag containing a white powdery substance. Due to my training and experience I believed this white powdery substance’s characteristics to be consistent with those of Cocaine, a class B drug. Officer Collette placed XXXXX in handcuff to be detained during our investigation.


At this point in time, I radioed into dispatch to find out who the owner of the vehicle was. The vehicle was registered to W L Cleaning Services out of Milford MA. This information was not helpful in locating the physical owner of the vehicle. At this time Mr. David Reis approached us. Mr. Reis told us that the vehicle belonged to him. David asked us why his friend, XXXXX , was in handcuffs. We explained that he was being detained during our investigation because he was in possession of what we believe to be Cocaine. Mr. Reis then told us on his own, that the Cocaine did not belong to XXXXX and that it belonged to him. Upon learning this information, Mr. Reis was placed under arrest for Possession of a Class B Drug – Cocaine.


Mr. David Reis was transported back to the Somerville Police Station via unit 200, driven by Officer Perrone. He was booked in the usual manner by Lieutenant Digregorio.


Mr. David Reis will be charged with c94c S34 – Possession of a class B drug – Cocaine.




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