Real Life Somerville Police Stories:DEFACEMENT MALICIOUS WANTON PROPERTY C266 S126A



On August 15, 2015, at 19:10 hours, I, Officer Rivera, while in full uniform and working as West 6, was dispatched to 180 College Avenue, for a motor vehicle vandalism. I was also informed by dispatch that the suspect was still on scene. Officer Catatao and Officer Clark arrived as back up.


Once on scene, I spoke to the victim, XXXXX. He stated that while eating in his living room with a few of his friends, located on College Avenue, he heard a loud slapping sound coming from the front of the building. As soon as he looked out of the living room window, he immediately noticed that his passenger side mirror to his vehicle, that was parked directly in front of the house, was damaged and a white male, now known to me as Peter McIlroy, was walking away from his vehicle. He stated that he ran out of the house and asked Mr. McIlroy what he was doing and why he damaged his mirror. He stated that Mr. McIlroy became extremely confrontational and started screaming profanities at him in a violent manner. At this point a brief altercation ensued. XXXXX stated that he attempted to have Mr. McIlroy sit down until the police arrived.


After speaking to XXXXX, I spoke to YYYYY, who was also on scene when the damage occurred to the vehicle. He stated that while sitting next to the window on College Avenue, he heard a loud slapping sound. He stated that he looked to his right and observed Mr. McIlroy standing next to the passenger side of the vehicle, where he also observed the damage to the side mirror. He stated that he asked Mr. McIlroy what he was doing and Mr. McIlroy yelled, “Ah, f*** you!”. He stated that XXXXX also noticed what he had done and immediately ran out of the house to confront Mr. McIlroy. He then stated that a friend, ZZZZZ, who was also inside of the apartment, called the police to report what had just occurred.


After speaking to the victim and witnesses, I spoke to Mr. McIlroy to obtain his version of the incident. I asked Mr. McIlroy what had just occurred and he replied, “Nothing, why don’t you f***ing tell me!”. During our conversation, Mr. McIlroy was sitting down and while he was speaking to me, I detected a strong order of alcohol emanating from his breath. I asked him several times if he could give me his account of what happened, but Mr. McIlroy did not cooperate. At this point I placed Mr. McIlroy under arrest for malicious destruction of property.


Mr. McIlroy was then transported to the station by Officer McCarey, in mobile detention unit 200, and booked in the usual manner by the shift commander, Sergeant DeOliveira.


Respectfully submitted,


Officer Joseph Rivera #309

Somerville Police Department


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