Thunderstorms, Wind and Hail Causes Havoc in Somerville

Photos by Joe Lynch and Patrick Tauro

By William Tauro

Thunderstorms, strong winds and golfball size hailstones poured down over Somerville Tuesday afternoon under a dark cloudy sky just before evening drive time causing traffic jams and vehicles racing for cover to avoid the hailstones.
Trees on Nashua Street fell over during the strong winds leaving a big mess for DPW crews to clean up.   
 Somerville resident Richey Clark even got to make a snowball out of the hailstones. 

Somerville Neighborhood News Weekly Headlines

 ICYMI – Here are the latest #Somerville news headlines from +Somerville Neighborhood News #45. Dominican Republic and Haiti share an island and a long, complicated history. Today, half a million Dominicans of Haitian descent face deportation if they can’t prove their citizenship; As part of the new economy, small business bank loans and venture capital are being replaced by online crowd funding. Giuliann Frendak looks at two Somerville start ups taking advantage of the new funding options…


GOOD MORNING – TODAY IS TUESDAY, August 04, the 217th day of 2015 with 149 to follow. Sunrise in the Boston area is @ 5:38 and sunset is @ 8:02. The moon is waning. The morning stars are stars are Mars, Neptune & Uranus. The evening stars are Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn & Venus.

ON THIS DAY IN: 1735 – Freedom of the press was established with an acquittal of John Peter Zenger. The writer of the New York Weekly Journal had been charged with seditious libel by the royal governor of New York. The jury said that “the truth is not libelous.” 

1753 – George Washington became a Master Mason. 
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Somerville’s Marsha Hamel McGlashing Honored As Volunteer of the Year

Congratulations to Somerville Pop Warner’s Vice President, Marsha McGlashing who was honored for all her hard work with our VILLEN families and kids everywhere. Marsha was selected as the female volunteer of the year for PWFC of Eastern Massachusetts. Marsha puts pure heart and love into the program to make sure all members are safe and truly happy. Our sports family, SomerVILLENS, is stronger than ever under Marsha’s leadership. Our VILLEN family is looking for new members. Want to be a VILLEN, join our sports family today. Inbox Somerville Pop Warner on Facebook for more info.

The Somerville News Weekly Favorite Birthday Photos of the Week

 Many Villens celebrating their birthdays in the Ville this week! Happy Birthday greetings go out to Steve Ferreira, Marisa Tauro, Marisol Benejam Donovan, Karen Allan, Mike Roberts, John David, Peter Martin, Frank Fraumeni, Marjorie Decker, Diane Snow, John Alan Roderick, Steve Jeffres, Pam King, Ricky Chan, Alicia Lafuente, Donna Fazio, Nicholas Lanzilli, Amanda Sleddington, J Bart Foster, Joseph DiBenedetto, Brian Novák, Ronnie Sousa and to Meme Continue reading The Somerville News Weekly Favorite Birthday Photos of the Week

OPENAIR Circus 30th Year Celebration Photos from Aug 2015 by Skip Murray

 By William Tauro 

The 2015 Somerville Open Air Circus took place this past weekend at Nunziato Field in Somerville 

OPEN AIR Circus is a non-profit community-based circus. Our primary program is our summer circus, where we offer classes and performances each summer. In addition, they offer workshops and a teen-leadership program, and performance opportunities to people of all ages. Continue reading OPENAIR Circus 30th Year Celebration Photos from Aug 2015 by Skip Murray