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Buckles Arrest

On 08/14/2014, I, Officer Albert Gee assigned to East 4 was dispatched along with Officer Douglas Brioso assigned to East 2 to Stop and Shop for a larceny. Detective Michael Faria also responded.

Upon arrival Officer Brioso and I entered Stop and Shop and we saw a few employees holding a man down. We hand cuffed the individual and escorted him to the Loss Prevention office.

I spoke to the Loss Prevention officer, he stated he observed the defendant, Mr. Ryan Buckles enter the store, select numerous Gillette razors, put them in a shopping carriage, proceed to the Dunkin Donuts located in the front of the store, take a Dunkin Donuts bag, put the razors in the bag, and proceed out of the first set of doors exiting the store. The store manager along with two other employees approached Mr. Buckles, stopped him from leaving the store and a struggle ensued. The manager said he was operating the cameras until Mr. Buckles exited the store and he ran down to assist the store manager in holding down the suspect. He said while he was holding one of the suspects arms, he used his other arm to get a box cutter from his pocket, extend the blade and attempted to jab him in the side with it. He said he was able to grab the box cutter from Mr. Buckles, throw it on the ground and the police arrived shortly after.

I spoke with the defendant, Mr. Buckles. I asked him what he was doing and he stated he has been addicted to heroin for 9 years and he needs help and wanted to go to a program. I asked him if he had anything sharp on him that can poke me and he said he didn’t know if he had anything sharp on him but he had needles in his backpack.

Based on the information received I placed Mr. Buckles under arrest for Larceny over $250.00 and Assault with a dangerous weapon. Mr. Buckles was given his rights and transported to the Somerville Police Dept and booked in the usual manner.

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