Real Life Somerville Police Stories


Hall Arrest

On Sunday, August 17, 2014 I was assigned to marked unit West-7. At approximately 6:15 A.M., while driving east on Holland street I was alerted by a citizen who informed me that a black male was screaming as he walked past her.

I drove towards Davis Square to check on this individual. As I approached Jay Street (residential area), I observed a black male later identified as Maurice Hall walking on the side walk, screaming and removing newspapers from door steps, throwing it to the street.

I approached Mr. Hall and said “Good morning Sir, can I talk to you?” Mr. Hall responded “Go fuck yourself. I don’t want to talk to you.” I then asked him to stop screaming and using vulgar language.

Mr. Hall became even louder and violent and stated to me “if you don’t leave me alone I’m gonna fucking kill you”. I called for backup, and informed Somerville Police Control of my location and the nature of the call.

Mr. Hall was shouting profanities in a residential area at 6:15 A.M on a Sunday morning. His actions caused some residents to look out their windows, and vehicular traffic to stop. Mr. Hall also challenged this reporting officer to fight him in public and threatened to fight and cause harm if approached by officers.

Mr. Hall continued to walk east on Holland Street towards Davis Square Train station. I exited my cruiser as Officer Radochia (West-6), and Sgt. Tam (S8) arrived on scene. While I tried to stop Mr. Hall, he pulled away from me and took a fighting stance. I then went around him and gave him several verbal commands to stop and show me his hands. Mr. Hall did not comply. At this time I took out my department issued pepper spray and delivered a short burst to Mr. Hall’s face. I asked him to place his hands behind his back and placed him under arrest for disturbing the peace. Mr. Hall continued to swear and make threats towards me and the backup officers. He stated again “I’m gonna fucking kill you”…”I will shoot you”.

I requested Fire and EMS. They arrived shortly after, and evaluated Mr. Hall. He was then placed in Unit 200 operated By officer DiFava to be transported to Somerville Police Headquarters.

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