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O’Neil Arrest

On Wednesday, August, 13, 2014, I was on duty and assigned to marked unit East-1. At approximately 5:07PM, Officer Teves (East-4), Officer Monaco (East-3) and I were dispatched to Stop
and Shop on a reported fight inside of the store. When I arrived on scene, I entered the business and saw the store Manager, standing over Mr. Brian O’Neil. The two men were in the stairwell near the store’s entrance. The manager was holding Mr. O’Neil’s arm behind his back in a manner suggesting that Mr. O’Neil was combative.

As I walked toward the two men, Loss Prevention Associate informed me that Mr. O’Neil had stolen a cart full of groceries. I then placed handcuffs on Mr. O’Neil for officer safety and sat him up. As I sat him up, I saw a small bottle of vodka nearby and it became obvious that Mr. O’Neil was drunk. When I asked Mr. O’Neil about his condition, he confirmed that he was indeed intoxicated.

After bringing the situation under control , loss prevention showed me the cart full of groceries that Mr. O’Neil stole. I was also provided with a receipt listing all of the stolen items. The total value of the stolen groceries listed on the receipt was $131.91.

When he finished explaining what had been stolen, I asked the manager for his statement regarding the incident. He said that moments prior to my arrival, he saw Mr. O’Neil pushing a carriage filled with groceries toward the door. Suspicious of Mr. O’Neil’s intentions, he went outside and waited near the exit. He said that Mr. O’Neil then pushed the carriage of groceries (not bagged) out the door without paying for them.

I asked the manager what had led to the physical altercation between he and Mr. O’Neil. He said that Mr. O’Neil became uncooperative when he attempted to escort him to the loss prevention office. He specifically said that Mr. O’Neil squared his body toward him as if preparing to fight. Mr. O’Neil then allegedly bumped him with his chest prompting the manager to push him away. Due to his intoxicated Mr. O’Neil fell to the ground.

After obtaining statements from all of the involved parties, Officer Monaco and I placed Mr. O’Neil in the prisoner transport wagon. He was issued a verbal trespass notice prohibiting him from entering any Stop and Shop store (at the request of management).

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