Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Steven ANDRADE (Possess Firearm w/o FID Card, Distribute Class D, etc.)

On Saturday July 27, 2019, while on full uniform patrol in marked unit 781, I (Officer Patrick Canty) was dispatched to the garage at the AMC Movie Theatre 4th floor, for a report of two juveniles on bikes attempting to break in to a car. The car was described as a black Toyota 4runner. Officer Edna DaCosta, Samir Messaoudi, Brian Pavao, and Alex Lorenti responded as back up.

Upon arrival, I saw a male juvenile, known to me from prior incidents as XXXX (Jv1), attempting to leave the area on a bicycle. I stopped him and escorted him back to the motor vehicle in question. As we approached the motor vehicle, I noticed the front seat passenger, known to me as Steven Andrade, with his hands at the glove box. I immediately told him to keep his hands up. Andrade pushed against the dash/ glovebox and then stuck his hands in between his feet and attempted to push something under the seat. I again ordered him to keep his hands where I could see them. Andrade put his hands back on the dash board.

I pat frisked the Jv 1 and moved him to the front of the car. As I approached the passenger side, Andrade again had his hands down and was attempting to conceal something. Andrade is known to me through numerous encounters while carrying a dangerous weapon, one of which he was in a car where a firearm was located. He is also in our crime bulletins as a known MP45 associate, and as a known drug distributor. Most recently MP45 and their associates have been in a feud with Port 44 and multiple firearm and shots fired incidents have occurred in the city as a direct result of the feud.

I was able to see in plain sight a scale on the center console with 4 “buds” (believed to be marijuana) being weighed. I could also see a large amount of green leafy substance on the floor in between Andrades legs. I removed Andrade from the vehicle and pat frisked him for weapons. Andrade immediately stated we are just smoking a blunt.” I moved him to the front of the car. I then removed the back seat passenger identified as XXXX (Jv2). I pat frisked him for weapons and moved him to the front of the car. I then removed the driver of the car, XXXX, and pat frisked him for weapons and moved him to the front of the car. I then went to the vehicle conducted a pat frisk of the areas in the vehicle where they have, had, or will have immediate access to a weapon.

Upon opening the unlocked glove box, I immediately saw a black firearm and called out gun to my back up officers. I knew all 4 parties on scene to be under 21 and not legally able to possess a FID card. All 4 parties involved were placed into hand cuffs and read their Miranda Rights from a card I keep on my person. I asked whose money was in in the gloves box and Andrade stated “mine.” I then asked whose gun it was and no one answered.

Officer Pavao secured the firearm which was loaded with one bullet in the chamber and 4 more in the magazine. Upon further search of the vehicle, a large amount of green leafy substance, believed to be marijuana was located in the passenger side seat. It was a large bag containing 4 separate bags of green leafy substance. On the passenger seat was numerous “gruntz” bags, which through my training and experience, are used to place the “buds” in for distribution. Based on the amount of money $765 in different denominations, the large amount of green leafy substance in packaged in separate baggies, the scale, and empty distribution bags used for repackaging, I placed Andrade under arrest for Distribution of Class D.

The back seat passenger, JV2, was in possession of two small bags of green leafy substance, and a container with numerous “roaches” in it.
Please see officer Messaoudis supplemental report on the evidence found.

As Officer Lorenti was walking Andrade to the transport wagon he told him the gun belonged to him and to let his friends go. Please see Officer Lorentis supplemental report for a more detailed summary of events.

Andrade was transported to the Somerville Police Station in the transport wagon (Officer James McNally) and booked by the Commander (LT Jeff DiGregorio) per the usual manner.

The two juveniles were released on scene to their parents and the owner of the car was released on scene.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Patrick Canty 306.

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