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Sullivan Arrest

At approximately 6:48 pm I was dispatched to a report of domestic violence at Edgar Ave. #1. I arrived a short time later and met with the victim
and reporting person. Officer Teves (East-1), Officer Jean-Jacques (West-5) and Sergeant Brennan (S-8) arrived on scene within a short span of time. She was waiting for officers inside her white Volkswagen Sedan half a block away up the street from her apartment.

Her demeanor was that of someone distraught, with tears running down her face. She stated that she had just been a fight with her ex-boyfriend, Paul Sullivan, and he had punched her in the face. I observed a small bruise, approximately 1/2″ in diameter, forming under her left eye. She stated that she fled the apartment, and was unsure if Sullivan was still inside. After Officer’s checked the apartment to discover Sullivan had fled, she provided us with his address: Medford, MA. West-5 and East-1 went to try and find Sullivan at his residence, along with Medford police. The victim denied any medical attention.

The following is a summary of the statements she made to me:
She and Sullivan had been in a dating relationship for approximately seven months, until they had ended the relationship a couple of weeks ago. Sullivan had come over to her apartment she had recently acquired, to assist her with installing some new curtains. Sullivan was intoxicated, and became violent. Sullivan threw water at her, bent one of her curtain rods, and punched her in the face. She fled the apartment, ran to her car, and called 911.

I observed that there was water on the floor from the living room, trailing into the kitchen. I provided her with a written copy of her 209a rights. She stated that she would be staying with her parents and seeking an emergency restraining order. I took a digital picture of her injury which will be attached to this report. She wrote a statement which will be attached to this report.

East-1 informed me via radio that they had discovered Sullivan at his residence. I advised her and cleared Edgar Ave. A few minutes later I arrived at Willis Ave. in Medford. I met with Sullivan on the front steps of his apartment. Sullivan had been handcuffed prior to my arrival for officer safety. I could smell a moderate odor of alcoholic beverage emanating from Sullivan’s breath. I advised Sullivan of his Miranda rights and asked if he would like to speak with me. Sullivan stated that he would like to tell me his side of the story. I asked Sullivan if he understood his rights and what his highest level of education was; Sullivan stated that he understood and had a Master’s Degree. He was transported and booked in the usual manner.

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