Real Life Somerville Police Stories


Wright Arrest

On the above date and time, while assigned to the Somerville PD Narcotics/Vice Unit, working in plain
clothes, operating an unmarked police M/V, I was in the Davis Sq. area with Det. Sgt. Monte, Det. J. Hyde, Det. Shackelford, and Det. Collazo. I was standing in the front of Elm St, near the intersection of Day St when I first observed the defendant, James Wright. The defendant was observed walking across the intersection in an unsteady manner. Let me add the fact that I am somewhat familiar with the defendant due to the fact that I responded to two (2) recent calls in the Davis Sq area, in which he was the victim.

I was speaking with Det. Collazo, as he was seated in his unmarked M/V, as the defendant approached me. I asked him how he was feeling today. I evidently upset the defendant by asking him this question, because he responded in the following manner, “Fuck you cops”. He didn’t just say this in a normal tone of voice. He stated it in a loud, angry tone. I realized that the defendant recognized me from our previous interactions on the street and at the Somerville Hospital. I turned to the defendant and stated “Shut up and keep moving.” I turned away from him and continued my conversation with Det. Collazo. The defendant became unruly and boisterous at this point, raising his voice louder and becoming more boisterous. I turned again and told him to “Get on out of here before you get locked up.” I did observe the defendant’s mannerisms become more tense and hostile towards me. I observed his fists now clenching. The defendant made a menacing move toward me. As he did, I approached him quickly and in a defensive mode. The defendant moved forward toward me and chest bumped me slightly, all the while spewing a profanity laced tirade leveled at me. I did notice a crowd had begun to form on the sidewalk and across the street. Vehicular traffic on Elm St. started to bog down in our general location to observe the activity. He continued on with his profanity laced tirade. I told him to back off before I get physical with him.

Once again I instructed him to move on. He walked by me and started to yell at Det. Collazo while he was seated in his M/V. He was ranting about provoking police to do bodily harm. He was saying something about cops shooting him and he was from Philly. Det. Collazo exited his M/V at this time and confronted the defendant. By this time, a larger crowd had formed and traffic was now stopped observing the activity. Once again, I told the defendant to “shut up and leave before I lock you up.” The defendant ignored me and continued yelling and swearing in general. At this time, I approached the defendant from the rear and placed the handcuffs on him and stated that he was under arrest.

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