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Young Arrest

On July 19, 2014, I, Officer Mark Nevin (East 1), was on an active alarm call at Extra Space Storage at 14 McGrath
Highway with Officer B. Pavao (East 2) when Somerville Control requested one of us to clear for a dispute with injury in the Cataldo Ambulance parking lot at 137 Washington Street. The alarm call scene was safe, so I responded to Somerville Control that I would respond. I arrived within minutes of being dispatched at about 9:20 AM. The following is a summary of the incident:

Officer G. Guillen (East 4) and Officer J. Ducasse (200) were already on location. Officer Guillen was speaking with the victim I approached the Suspect Jonathan Young and asked him to explain what occurred.

Mr. Young explained that he was going to South Carolina and the Victim did not want him to leave, which led to a verbal argument. He further stated that the Victim falsely accused him of hitting her. While interviewing Mr. Young I observed a knife clipped to his waistband. I removed the knife for officer safety and then realized that the blade was longer than allowable by Somerville City Ordinances. Mr. Young explained that he carried the knife for personal protection because he was recently shot. He lifted his shirt and lowered his waistband to show me his scars. Officer Ducasse remained with the Suspect while I spoke to the Victim.

As I approached the Victim, (VM), I observed that her right eye was bloodshot. (Photographs will be made available upon request.) She told me that she and her ex-boyfriend, Mr. Young, were at her house having an argument and he demanded that she drive him home and if she refused he would punch her. She agreed to drive him home, but she needed to stop at Target in Somerville to get $5.00 from a friend for gas money. The Suspect became even more upset and began threatening her with physical violence. The Suspect told the VM to shut up. The VM told the Suspect that he could get out of the car and take a bus. Near the intersection of McGrath Highway and Washington Street, the Suspect struck the VM with his open hand on the right side of her face. The VM panicked and drove into the Cataldo Ambulance parking lot for help.

Lastly, I spoke with a witness, she stated that VM drive into the parking lot narrowly missing the glassed-in entrance area. The VM was sounding the car’s horn and screaming, while the passenger (Suspect) sat calmly in the front passenger’s seat talking on his cell phone. The VM was screaming, “…He hit me…” The VM exited her car and moved to the front of it. Witness exited her office and stood between the VM and Suspect (still in the car). She instructed her staff to call 911. Cataldo EMTs escorted the VM to safe area and performed a medical assessment.

Based on the information available, I determined that there was more than adequate probable cause to arrest Mr. Young for Domestic A&B, as well as for being in violation of city ordinance banning weapons. Mr. Young was placed into handcuffs and transported to the Somerville Police Department.

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