Real Life Somerville Police Stories


Devereaux Arrest

On Thursday June 19, 2014 at approximately 2309, while assigned to Cruiser 662, I Officer Randy Isaacs along with East 3 Officer Brioso, East 1
Officer Fusco, East 4 Officer Collett, Officer Sullivan, and Officer Monaco were dispatch to Magnus Ave for reports of shots fired. Upon arrival at Magnus Ave, I spoke with an officer from Traffic and parking who informed me that she heard the noise coming from the direction of Dimick St. Also Officer Monaco spoke with another witness who also stated that they hear what sounded like three loud bangs coming from the area of Dimick St however it did not sound like a gun firing. After all units responded to the intersection of Dimick St and Marion St, there was a loud argument and what sounded like fighting coming from Marion St. After walking to the front door and knocked I was approached by a female coming from the back the building stating that her sisters and their boyfriend are upstairs fighting and they locked her out the building.
One of the females stated that she was on the first floor sleeping when she heard a loud argument coming from the second and third floor and when she went upstairs to see what was going on she was confronted by her sister Jean. After she entered the third floor apartment she was confronted by Jean who was accusing her of calling the police to the apartment earlier in the night. After Jean verbally assaulted her, Jean attacked her with a cane and using the cane to pushed her down of the floor against a washing machine and held her down. After getting up she went outside to call the police and she was locked out the building by one of her sisters. After finally gaining entry into the building, I went to the second floor where I spoke with another victim, the mother who was seventy seven years old. She stated that she wanted her daughters to leave the house because she is tired of them drinking and fighting in the house. Suddenly she heard yelling and screaming and items being thrown around. After she went to see what was going on, she was confronted by Jean who was yelling at her and her and pushing her.
After another sister was confronted by Jean and verbally assaulted Jean took her cane, which she use for walking and hit her on the top of her head with the handle. After she was hit on the head, Jean took the cane and held her against the wall by her throat, in the back of the kitchen. After Hitting her with the cane Jean took the cane and hid it in the rear stairway, where it was later located by Officer Monaco. As this was going on another sister tried to help her mother and she was pushed around by Jean and her boyfriend. Both victims refused any medical aid. In the third floor apartment I noticed that all the furniture were all over the place, there was a chair on its side under the kitchen table and the washer was pushed away from the wall.
Jean was placed under arrest for Assault and Battery with a Dangerous weapon MGL 265 Sec15A and Assault and Battery on a person over 60 MGL 265 Sec13. be

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  1. I have known Jennie my entire life and what I read above does not describe any behavior I have even seen from this kind, gentle & generous person
    It’s simply not true
    There has been a big mistake made somewhere
    She is a complete caregiver to everyone

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