Real Life Somerville Police Stories


Haley Arrest

On the above date and time, Officer Timothy Van Nostrand, Guerdy Legros,
and I were near the intersection of Lowell Street and Kimball Street when we heard Somerville Control make a radio transmission regarding a male, William Haley, attempting to cut a bicycle lock.

Officer Van Nostrand, Legros, and I, arrived on scene seconds after the radio transmission, when I observed Haley, leaning over a bicycle attempting to cut a bicycle cable lock with a pruning shear. Officer Van Nostrand, Legros, and I approached Haley, and I removed the pruning shears from his possession. The pruning shears were temporarily secured in my marked cruiser for safe keeping. The owner of the bicycle, identified herself to me, while I was interacting with Haley.

Haley was then placed under arrest for the above crimes. I asked Haley if he would answer a few questions to which he replied, “Yes.” I then informed Haley of his Miranda Warnings, and I asked him if he understood his rights, to which he replied that he understood his rights. I asked Haley what was his purpose for cutting the bicycle lock?” He replied, “I thought it was rubbish because it was trash day.” I commented, “Why would a person secure a bicycle to a street sign, if it was meant to be thrown away?” Haley replied, “I was gonna take it to get around places. It was just sitting there like a cold turkey waiting for me.” I then asked Haley, “How were you going to transport the bicycle from this location?” He replied, “I was going to put it in the back of my trunk.”

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