Real Life Somerville Police Stories


McNeil Arrest

On the date above, I was summoned to the hallway outside the Clerk’s office in the Court house, to assist court officers with an unruly female. When I arrived approximately a couple of minutes later, I observed a female sitting on a
bench near the window. She appeared to be angry and upset. The defendant was complaining to the Court Officer about filing an appeal concerning Court House Officials and employees. I explained to the defendant her filing of appeal could not be accepted in this Court. The defendant seemed to get more enraged, she stood up off the bench, she then stated ” you don’t know what you’re saying, you are a crooked cop.”
I asked her to calm down, that she needed to control herself. She then stated, “go fuck yourself, fuck you.” I told her business in this Court House today, was done. The defendant became more enraged, I told her if she didn’t leave, I would place her under arrest. The defendant continued her yelling and refused to leave the building. I stated, ” your under arrest”. With that I took hold of her left wrist and told her not to resist. She threw her black weekender on the floor and her papers went everywhere. With the assistance of Court Officer, we were able subdue the defendant, but not before she struck Court officer in the chest, as well as, shoving me and Court officer into the cement wall in the hallway. I am charging the defendant with Disorderly Conduct, Resisting Arrest, and Assault Battery on a Public Official.

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