Somerville Police Motorcycle Crash

By William Tauro

This past Saturday afternoon, Somerville Police Officer Ross O’Meara was injured on a police motorcycle that he was driving that collided with a motor vehicle while on his way to Saturday’s Power Push event on Broadway.

In a statement from Somerville Deputy Police Chief Michael Cabral regarding the injured officer he said that: “Somerville Police Officer Ross O’Meara was transported to Massachusetts General Hospital where he was treated and released.

He suffered non life threatening injuries.

He is sore, but is home. I spoke with him and he is hoping to make a speedy recovery. thank you!”

Deputy Chief Cabral also stated that “there was minor damage to the Somerville Police motorcycle.”

This Week’s Election 2014 Episode of “Greater Somerville”

“On this week’s “Election 2014 Special of Greater Somerville”, which airs tomorrow night at 7:30 on SCATV, Channel 3 in Somerville, Martha Coakley, the Attorney General and candidate for Governor of Massachuesetts, spoke at length with host Joe Lynch about her campaign, the issues facing Massachusetts and her vision of the future of the state. Be sure to watch tomorrow night, or watch our site for the posting of the replay on Wednesday.”