Real Life Somerville Police Stories


Henebury Arrest

On Wednesday, April 16, 2014, I was on duty and assigned to marked unit East-4. At approximately 8:02PM, I heard a radio transmission from (Unit 93, Somerville Housing Police) stating
that he had just witnessed an altercation on Temple Street near the Mystic Housing Projects. Somerville Police dispatch had also fielded a call from a female regarding the same event. The female stated that her friend was being assaulted near Memorial Road. I began to make way to Officer’s location and as I was in route, he said that one of the involved individuals had fled into the housing projects.

When I arrived on location, I observed Housing Officer speaking with some witnesses. Officer explained that he was traveling in his unmarked vehicle on Temple Street when he came across a witness and another man “squaring off” near Temple Street. According to Housing Officer, the unknown male took several swings at the witness but did not land any of the punches. When Housing Officer approached the scene, the unknown male turned and ran into the housing projects. As these events were unfolding Housing Officer saw three individuals walking by slowly with their attention drawn towards the altercation.

After speaking with Housing Officer, I turned my attention the witness. He explained that he had been walking on Temple Street opposite the housing projects when the unknown male began yelling profanities at him and repeatedly challenged him. The witness said that the man then crossed the street and continued to verbally assault him and eventually pushed him. At that point the witness said the man began reaching into his waist band and these gestures caused him to fear that the man had a “knife” or a weapon. According to the witness, the man fled upon seeing The housing Officer. Another gentleman listened to my conversation with the witness and said that she had witnessed the entire series of events just as he had explained them to me.

As I was concluding my conversation with the two witnesses, Housing Officer suddenly said “there he is”. I looked down into the courtyard of the housing projects and saw Mr. Matthew Henebury who is known to the Somerville Police Department for his lengthy criminal history. Housing Officer called to Mr. Henebury and upon seeing us he turned around and ran. We chased him as several bystanders in the courtyard watched. Mr. Henebury ran into the rear of Memorial Road and exited out the front door onto Memorial Road. He then attempted to hide in the bushes outside of the building and became combative as Housing Officer and I attempted to subdue him. Housing Officer attempted to place Mr. Henebury in handcuffs and as he did this Mr. Henebury continuously tried to pull his hands forward. It took both of us to finally safely place handcuffs on him. As these events were occurring, Mr. Henebury verbally assaulted us and all of other Officer’s who arrived on scene to assist. As we waited for the prisoner transport vehicle to arrive, Mr. Henebury challenged almost every Officer at the scene to a fight. He shouted profanities at my fellow Officers and I calling us “cunts” and “mother fuckers”. He appeared to be under the influence of alcohol or some other substance.

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