Real Life Somerville Police Stories

Silvestri arrest

On the above date and time I was working a paid police detail in full
uniform for the Somerville High School Varsity Hockey game. With approximately one minute left in the game a man, later identified as Mr. Anthony Silvestri, approached the Somerville bench. Somerville High had just pulled their goal tender and the opposing team had scored. At this time Mr. Silvestri yelled words in the direction of the coach to the effect of “What the xxx are you doing? You blew the xxxing game!” I then approached Mr. Silvestri and told him he can’t talk that way as there are families with children all around, not to mention the bench full of high school students. He then asked me, “Who the xxx I thought I was?” I answered him by telling him he was to leave the rink immediately. He then refused and continued using profanities in our conversation. At this time I realized I would have to physically remove the defendant and as soon as I put my hands on him he pulled back and said, “Don’t xxxing touch me. Don’t put your xxxing hands on me.” At this time I radioed dispatch and asked for another unit.
I was able to escort the defendant as far as the lobby when he broke my grip, turned to face me, and puffed out his chest as if he was getting in a fighting stance. At this time I took out my pepper spray and delivered a short burst to Mr. Silvestri’s face. I then told him to put his hands behind his back. He refused and continued swearing at me. I grabbed one of his arms and tried to place it behind his back. He became physically resistant and continued to struggle with me. At this time I pushed Mr. Silvestri against the wall to gain leverage so I could handcuff him. We both went into the wall and then down to the ground. I was finally able to handcuff him.

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