Real Life Somerville Police Stories

Salinas arrest

On the above date and time I was assigned to routine uniform partrol in
the area of sector West Five. Off D. Nardone and I were dispatched to a domestic assault taking place at the first floor residence of Norwood Ave. The victim of the assault, called, and stated her boyfriend struck her. Upon arrival the Defendant Raul Salinas answered the door. Standing behind him in the kitchen area of the apartment was a the victim . I observed heavy gouges to her upper chest area, and superficial wounds to the right side of her face. Her face was beet red, and she was crying and extremely distraught. victim explained they were arguing when the boyfriend attacked her, pushing her into the tv and having it fall on top of her.
I spoke briefly with the Defendant. He said his girlfriend’s injuries were self inflicted. He also informed me that he had been involved with a domestic assault with her in the past.

I placed Mr. Salinas in custody for Domestic Assault and Battery. He was transported to the station by wagon 200. He was then processed by Sgt. Marino.

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