Real Life Somerville Police Stories

Bharti arrest

On January 29, 2014, I, Officer Samuel Stanford, along with Officer Tyler Sousa. We were in full uniform assigned
to marked unit E-1 patrolling the area of Cross Street at Fountain Avenue, both public ways within the city of Somerville. At approximately 04:17 A.M., I observed a vehicle, MA Registration , idling and resting in contact with the bumper of another vehicle MA Registration (see accident report). I observed the male defendant later identified as Rohan Bharati DOB (10/21/1987) slumped in the driver’s seat with his head resting on the steering wheel. Mr. Bharati’s drivers side window was completely lowered and there was vomit running down the side of the driver’s side door.

We positioned our cruiser along side of Mr. Bharati’s vehicle and asked if he needed help. Mr. Bharati remained motionless and did not reply. We then asked if he needed help a second time when Mr. Bharati looked up and mumbled something that we could not comprehend. Officer Sousa exited the cruiser to attend to Mr. Bharati, while I reversed the cruiser to be positioned behind Mr. Bharati’s vehicle. As I approached Mr. Bharati, I noticed a puddle of vomit approximately 10-15 feet behind where his vehicle came to rest.

I would like to mention that both officers’ observed the keys in the ignition turned to the on position. I noticed that Mr. Bharati had glossy eyes and a slurred speech. I asked Mr. Bharati where he had been coming from and he could not give us an exact location. At this time I smelled alcohol emanating from his breath. I asked Mr. Bharati to step out of the vehicle to perform the Field Sobriety Test.

I then administered the FST test in the booking area for a second time. The test was recorded and witnessed by Officer Sousa, Officer Tam, and Lt. Sheehan. . Mr. Bharati then agreed to take a breathalyzer test. He registered at a 0.15 BAC. Mr. Bharati was issued criminal citation R4780473.

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