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Czerntzky arrest

At approximately 1:30 pm, I was dispatched to a report of vandalism at
Highland Ave, the Rockland Trust Bank. I arrived a short time later and met with the Rockland Trust Branch Supervisor, . rp showed me a section of the wall in the front ATM vestibule. The section of the wall was located under a table built into the wall and was heavily damaged with a hole, approximately two feet by two feet in area. I took a photograph of the damaged wall and digitally attached it to this report.

rp showed me a CCTV video of two individuals, a male and a female, who were in and out of the ATM vestibule at various time throughout the previous night. I recognized the female as Alicia Czernetzky, a female who I have encountered frequently in the past. On the video at approximately 5:30 am, Czernetzky is sleeping in the area under the table built into the wall. The male who is with her appears to standing above her. Czernetzky appears angered at something the male says, and begins to strike the wall with her fists, then kicks the wall several times with her feet causing the wall to be damaged.

A copy of the CCTV video showing the vandalism was made by on a DVR, which I secured and entered into evidence in the usual manner.

I spoke via telephone with , a Security Assistant employed by Rockland Trust. He informed me of Rockland Trust’s wish to have a criminal complaint issued against Czernetzky for the damage, and to have both the parties trespassed from the property.

Approximately 5 minutes after leaving Rockland Trust, I located Czernetzky in front of the College Ave side MBTA station along with Officer Gee (West-7). I questioned Czernetzky about her actions the prior night. Czernetzky admitted to having been in the vestibule the prior night, but denied causing any damage to the wall. Czernetzky stated: “I was probably shit faced.” Czernetzky identified the male she was with as .

I placed Czernetzky under arrest, handcuffing her in a manner consistent with my training.

Czernetzky was transported back to the station by Officer Soares in unit 200. At the station, Czernetzky was booked in the usual manner by Sgt. Marino. I will be seeking a criminal complaint for the following charge:

G.L. Ch. 266, S. 126A – Wanton Damaging of Property

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