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Angulo arrest

The members of the Somerville Police Department Drug/ Vice Control Unit have been conducting an ongoing investigation regarding the criminal offense of sexual conduct for a fee. As an investigative tool the monitoring of various classified advertisements utilized to solicit sexual services is routinely conducted, in an attempt to curb the illegal sex trade in our city.

On November 14th the aforementioned advertisements were again monitored by members of the Somerville Police Department Drug / Vice Control Unit. While perusing through the assorted advertisements, an advertisement offering transsexual sexual services for a fee was observed. Insp. James Hyde responded to the advertisement via cellular telephone number (AKA Claudia). A female/male later identified as Mr. William Angulo quoted Insp. Hyde a fee of $200.00 per hour for sexual services. Ms/Mr. William Angulo also instructed Insp. Hyde to call him/her when he arrived at the hotel located at 30 Washington St. Somerville. Insp. Hyde called Ms/Mr. Angulo once he arrived at the hotel and she instructed him to go to room #500. Detectives Ariel Collazo, Detective James McNallly and I, Detective Shackelford set up surveillance within the hotel.

Upon his arrival to room #500, Ms/Mr. Angulo opened door #500. Ms/Mr. Angulo invited Insp. Hyde to enter the room. It was noted at this time Ms/Mr. Angulo was dressed in provocative attire. Once inside the room, Ms/Mr. Angulo displayed his/her breasts and encouraged Insp. Hyde to disrobe. At this time Ms/Mr Angulo attempted to submerge Insp. Hyde face between her exposed breasts. Ms/Mr Angulo proceeded to digitally grope Insp. James Hyde genitalia region. Ms/Mr Angulo conversed regarding anticipated sexual tryst and told Insp. Hyde he/she was equipped to do so having sexual protection ( condom ) available. Insp. Hyde as instructed by Ms/Mr Angulo placed a payment of $200.00 on a table currency which was monies drawn from the Somerville Police Investigative fund for one hour of sexual service. Ms/Mr Angulo proceeded to digitally display his/her anus and penal area.

Insp. James Hyde via a pre-arranged signal notified members of the entry team to enter the room and place the defendant Ms/Mr. Angulo under arrest.

Detective Hyde turned into evidence seven Condoms (various styles).

Ms/Mr. Angulo was transported to the Somerville Police Station via Somerville Marked Unit 200, Officer DeOliveira to be booked by, Sgt. DeGregorio.



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