Real Life Somerville Police Stories

Janeiro arrest

On November 12, 2013 at around 1pm, I was in full uniform on a paid detail assignment at the intersection of School and Medford Street ,Somerville. At that time, I observed an individual identified as Patrick Janeiro, near a white Chevy Traverse with Ma registration , parked at the intersection of School and Montrose Street, one block away from where I was positioned.Mr. Janeiro was riding a bycicle and pulled right next to the Traverse (Ma ). He later leaned the bycicle on a nearby fence and attempted to view the contents inside the motor vehicle. I placed myself out of Mr. Janeiro’s view, and observed him pull the rear passenger door of the Traverse open, and rifled through the contents on the back seat. He later opened the front passenger door and repeated the same behavior.
Mr. Janeiro appeared to have placed something in his jacket pocket and walked away from the vehicle. I made my way to Mr. Janeiro’s location and placed him in custody. The owner of the Traverse was identified as a . v did not immediately notice anything missing from her vehicle. Nothing was found in Mr. Janeiro’s jacket pockets

I later observed a Staples Reward’s card ( on the ground right next to where Defendant Janeiro was standing. v said the card was her property and she left it in the middle console of the vehicle. She also said she left the Traverse unlocked. It appeared that Defendant Janeiro removed the card from the vehicle.

Mr. Janeiro was transported to Somerville Police Headquarters where he was booked by Sergeant John Marino. He was charged with the crime of Breaking and Entering a Motor Vehicle in The Daytime to Commit a Felony (MGL Ch 266 s18).



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