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The Lady Highlanders challenged the Faculty on Monday November 18th at the Somerville High School. The faculty included SHS teachers, coaches and staff.
The faculty beat the Varsity players 2-1 in a great game. The faculty took the first set. The Highlanders took the second set. The faculty had a comeback in the third set to take the match. The faculty team was headed by Varisty Coach Walker and JV Coach Kanemura.

The JV and freshman team combined to play a team of faculty dropping the match to the faculty 3-0. The game was loud and competitive.

The contest was also a senior class fundraiser. The seniors raised over $50 with the sale of t-shirts to promote the contest.





Somerville Police Gun Arrest

The following is a brief summary pertaining to Incident #13043137:

At approximately 6:49 P.M. I was dispatched to Gilman Street for a reported groups call. The reporting party, , called the police and stated three males went running through her backyard towards the railroad tracks. RP stated that one of the males was suspect . Marked unit East-4, Officer Van Nostrand and Sector-East, Officer Capasso, were sent as my backup. I would like to add that I know this address to be the home of involved party . RP is involved party mother and they reside in the same apartment. involved party was involved in prior incidents with witness , involved party2, and suspect in the past. It is believed that involved party2 and suspect both have an issue with involved party and have robbed him with a firearm in the past. I have personally responded to calls to the residence and have found victim to have many altercations with involved party2 and suspect . While speaking to rp she stated that she received a phone call from involved party victim. While on the phone with victim , he stated that four kids had surrounded his car and for rp to come outside to make sure the kids have left the area. victim had his vehicle parked outside Gilman Street until it was surrounded by the four males, two of the males being Cody Domings and suspect. rp stated all she heard victim say was that suspect had a gun. As rp went outside she saw suspect run in the back of her yard along with two or three other males. One of the other males being Cody Domings. rp was not sure if the males went onto the train tracks or if they went to Mr. Doming’s home which is only two houses away.

At this point, Officer Capasso and I were asked to check rp backyard for the males. As we entered the backyard we did not find any of the males. However, we did find that a piece of broken fence leading to the train tracks that run in back of rp home. As Officer Capasso and I looked down the tracks, we could see three to four males running from the area of Gilman Street towards Washington Street. I radioed that I could see males running on the tracks and that one of the males may be in possession of a firearm. I would like to note that these tracks are private property of the MBTA and have no trespassing signs posted throughout the tracks. While units responded to the area of the tracks, I called and spoke with victim to find out exactly what had occurred in front of Gilman Street.

While speaking to victim , he stated that he had parked directly across the street from Gilman Street as he had plans to have dinner with his girlfriend, his witness2 , and new girlfriend. . victim was seated in the driver’s side of the vehicle with his girlfriend on the passenger side, and son in the rear of the vehicle, waiting for suspect to arrive. As witness arrived, she sat in the rear of the vehicle next to wintess2 and victim had introduced himself as this was the first time meeting his son’s girlfriend. As the four were ready to leave the parking spot, victim saw suspect in front of his car yelling for his sister to get out of the vehicle. v , who knows suspect , asked him what the issue was. suspect yelled at v that he could leave to go to dinner once his sister left the car. At this time, three other males, one of whom was identified as Mr. Cody Domings surrounded the vehicle and started to kick and punch the car causing damage all around. According to v, Cody Domings, took off his shirt and screamed, “Let’s go.” This was an attempt to join suspect in trying to get wintess2 out of the car. v looked over at suspect who now had his hand inside his left jacket pocket pointing what he believed to be a gun into the vehicle. v was positive that suspect was holding a firearm as he saw the butt-end of the gun coming out of his left hand. suspect looked over at Mr. Domings and stated, “Let’s just end them now.” He then pointed the gun at v. v stated he was in fear of his life and the lives of his passengers at this time. While all four males continued kicking the car, suspect walked over to the passenger side of the vehicle with his hand still holding the gun and v saw an opportunity to flee and pressed the accelerator and quickly left the parking spot. v took a right hand turn onto Walnut Street followed by another right turn onto Pearl Street. While travelling, suspect stated she could see all four males running down Jasper Street going towards Pearl Street in an attempt to cut v off. As he was quickly passing Jasper Street, suspect ran at the car striking it once again on the passenger side. This was when v called witness to check outside for the four males.

I explained the finding of my conversation to the other units as a perimeter was set up around the area of the train tracks from Cross Street to Washington Street. Numerous officers set up the perimeter as Officer Ward set up near the Washington Street end of the tracks. Officer Ward knows this to be an area where people had been able to hop the fence and get onto the tracks. This entire area in not open to the general public and is an area where only MBTA personal should have access to. While looking down at the tracks, Officer Ward stated he could see three males approaching him. While they were in an area of overgrown, thick, bushes the three males waited a few seconds and continued down the tracks toward Officer Ward’s location. This area is an area that is unattainable to most people and that a reasonable person would not be in this area. Officer Ward stated the three males could not see him while standing at the overgrown, thick, bushes. The males were only twenty feet away from Officer Ward’s location. Officer Ward was not certain but believed this to be an ample place for a suspect to discard a weapon or drugs if they wanted due to the overgrowth and openness of that particular spot. As they came closer to him, Officer Ward shined his flashlight, pronounced himself as a police officer and asked the three males to stop. As he did this, he was able to detain one of the males, later identified as Mr. James Flint. The other two males ran in the opposite direction towards Cross Street where officers have been posted.

While at his post, Officer Van Nostrand stated he could hear several of the males running around his location talking. As they saw Officer Van Nostrand, he was able to see two males. The two males quickly ran across the tracks to the Alston Street side and hopped multiple fences and ended up on Alston Street. A radio transmission of the males locations were being announced as they were now running down Alston Street towards McGrath Highway. As I was running down Alston Street, Officer Capasso, Legros, St. Hilaire, and a detail officer were in a foot pursuit right behind one male. This male, later identified as Mr. Keith Francey, refused to stop for the police after being asked multiple times. Mr. Francey ran down Alston Street, took a right onto McGrath Highway, right onto Cross Street and was eventually caught on the corner of Alston Street and Cross Street. While attempting to be placed in custody, Mr. Francey fell to the ground in a manner to try and evade being handcuffed. While on the ground, Mr. Francey refused to be handcuffed, flailing his arms under his body and moving his legs. After several attempts, I issued Mr. Francey a one second burst of my departmental pepper spray in an attempt to control Mr. Francey and place him under arrest. I would note that this area is both a residential and business area and there now were multiple families outside of their homes and vehicular traffic stopped on McGrath Highway because of Mr. Francey’s actions. After being placed under arrest, Mr. Francey stated he had several pills inside of his pocket. Officer Perrone, driving the mobile detention unit, took out a clear plastic bag containing 7 whole and one half of a yellow round pill believed to be Clonazepam. Also inside of the clear bag is half of a blue round pill which can not be determined. While speaking with Mr. Francey he stated that he was with suspect and Mr. Domings but did not know their whereabouts at the moment and that everyone ran in separate directions.

At this time, I went to Gilman Street, the Domings residence, as marked unit West-5, Officer W. Collette, was on scene there with the Domings family. While speaking to involved party, he stated that nobody else was inside of the house. He stated as Officer Collette arrived, everyone who was inside the home exited and have been outside ever since. As I looked at the house, I saw someone on the second floor open the blinds quickly and look outside. I shined my flashlight on the window and the person quickly walked away from the area. I asked who else was inside the home. The replied by saying nobody was inside the house. I informed them that I believed to have seen a person open the blinds and shut them. involved party stated that it must have been the dog. At this time, involved party mother went into the home. I explained to her if Cody was inside the home to have him come out. After approximately ten minutes Cody Domings came out of the house. Officer Van Nostrand, who was now on scene, looked at Cody Domings and explained to me that he matched the description of one of the males he saw running away from him on the tracks. Mr. Domings was placed under arrest at this time.

While at the Domings residence, Officer Capasso and Ward were now on the tracks with Everett Police Officer Chris Hannon with K9 “Hart.” K9 Hart is a certified ATF bomb and gun dog. Officer Ward explained to Officer Hannon where he saw the three males standing around and that it was not an area where a reasonable person would be none the less congregate for several seconds. Officer Hannon started a search with K9 Hart and immediately hit on the area of overgrown, thick, bushes where Officer Ward had seen the males. Officer Hannon looked in the area where K9 Hart hit on and found a .22 caliber firearm. The firearm was loaded with one bullet in the chamber. While trying to find the serial number of the firearm, it was found that the serial number had been obliterated and defaced. The firearm was properly stored and will be further examined by detectives for fingerprints and possibly DNA. Post arrest, a search for firearm licenses was completed for all four males and found that none of them currently had a license to carry a firearm or FID card.

The three males were transported to Somerville Police Headquarters via marked unit 200,


Thursday closes out the ResiStat winter season: The Ward 3 ResiStat community meeting Thursday, Nov. 21.

Ward 3 includes the northern side of Union Square along with Central, Prospect, and Spring hills. Join Mayor Curtatone, Al…derman Taylor, City and elected officials, and your neighbors, at Somerville High School, 81 Highland Ave., from 7-8:30 p.m., to share data and talk about what’s going on in Somerville and your neighborhood. A social half-hour (with free pizza!) will run from 6:30-7. And, if you haven’t already, help shape the agenda for Thursday by taking this survey:


The Somerville News Weekly “Christmas Poem Contest”

Send us Your Best Version of Your Best “Somerville Christmas Poem” and we will post it live here for the world to see along with your photo and you also will win a $100 gift certificate to the new “West 7 Bistro” in Somerville!

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The Mighty Warren at Bat


By Neil W. McCabe

The Bay State’s senior senator pulled off the ultimate liberal maneuver: accumulating great wealth by remarrying well and representing corporate interests against the disadvantaged—then, successfully presenting herself as both a feminist and exemplar of the everyday American.
Perhaps the only thing keeping her out of the Liberal Hall of Fame is the speed bump over her claim to have been a Cherokee Indian. Her fib was characteristic of the 1980s steroid-era of liberal guilt, when progressives went out of their way to reconcile their persecution envy. We are all glad that is no longer necessary.
Still the taint of the faux-Cherokee claims could soon all be forgotten as Warren prepares to rob Hillary R. Clinton of White House.
I am old enough to remember when Clinton was a lock for the presidency in 2008. Her campaign was stocked up so many high-priced consultant, statesmen Democrats and celebrities, it did not seem a campaign as much as an impatient administration in-waiting.
No one saw Barack Obama coming, least of all Clinton, who woke up one morning to realize that not only had Obama out-flanked her in the caucuses, but he swiped her husband’s “Hope” franchise.
Imagine what that was like, the wife of the Man from Hope, Ark., having to listen to “Hope, hope and hope” from some guy she vaguely remembered from the 2004 Democratic National Convention. Obama having secured the support of the Chicago machine, not only took her husband’s hometown, but also hers.
Thus it came to pass that Clinton would serve loyally in the Obama administration as secretary of state—and when the chips were down in 2012, the big dog William J. Clinton carried Obama over the finish line to reelection.
It follows that Obama owes Clinton double. Once for his 2008 larceny and twice for the vital support given him in 2012 by Clinton Industries.
Too easy, right?
Not quite. There is the matter of the sinking of S.S. Obamacare to consider.
As Obama rallied the crew to man the pumps, he looked over his shoulder to see the Clintons swiftly rowing for shore.
This could be a small thing. Or, it could be a deal-breaker. If it is a deal-breaker, it will play out in two major ways.
The first way is that White House staff will be free to ramp up the Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s campaign for president. Whatever people outside the Beltway think, there is great affection for Biden in Washington, especially on Capitol Hill. There is also an appreciation among administration staff that the best way to keep their jobs and exploit influence after they leave their jobs is for a Biden White House to take the baton from the Obama White House. Biden wants to run and run hard, but Obama is reining him in because of his treaty obligations with the House of Clinton.
With Biden and a sprinkling of governors in the race with Clinton, all of the tussle will be within the Democratic establishment, which means if the progressives unite behind one candidate, it could run the table.
(Enter Warren from stage left.)
Beginning in 1960, for Bay Staters have been nominated for president, John F. Kennedy, 1960; Michael S. Dukakis, 1988; John F. Kerry, 2004 and W. Mitt Romney, 2012, and so far we are batting .250.
It may seem far-fetched, but every time I get an email from Warren asking for money for her 2018 reelection, I cannot help but think she is spending some extra time in the batting cage.




SCOA LGBT Intergenerational Event

Local author Becky Sarah shared with us her new book, “Grandmothering:
Real Life in Real Families”. This intergenerational event was presented
by the Somerville Council on Aging, the LGBT Liaison of the Office of
Somerville Commissions, the Somerville Public Library and the LGBT Aging
Project. “Grandmothering: Real Life in Real Families” takes a look at
the experiences of over 80 grandmothers today. It’s about all kinds of
families, including adoptive families, gay and lesbian families,
stepfamilies, and multiracial families.

Next event is November 25th for “Movies To Come Out To” showing “The
Love Part of This” at Holland Street Center 167 Holland Street. Dinner
from the “Greek Corner” Restaurant. $6. RSVP 617-625-6600 ext. 2300.

In photo: Julie Katz, LGBT Liaison Elizabeth Field and author Becky


Reality Bites a ‘Villen by James A. Norton

Never take your own advice, trust me…

In my column last week, I suggested that the readers use Google to catch up some of my “early” rants from the 2000’s and have a laugh. Well I heard from a few people who did this, and they laughed and shared their favorites with me. It was nice to catch up with a them in person, over the phone and through Facebook.

I figured that since I suggested it to others, that I would throw caution to the wind and Google myself – that almost sounds dirty, doesn’t it? Don’t let your imagination run too wild – I’m not that Norton.

So rather than open a file folder on my computer and scroll through text files and PDFs, I pulled up a browser and set the search engine to all manner of James Norton. Oh the things I found. Some of the things I wrote surprised me, others definitely didn’t. Then I found some of the things that were written about me – again, some surprised me, others definitely didn’t.

I was looking for columns, articles and stories I have written for print and online publications over the years, and I actually found a lot of them, thankfully, because I definitely didn’t get to keep the originals when I was unceremoniously shown the door of one in particular. I didn’t even get a thank you, but that’s okay – I am currently writing a book that is going to cover that. #FOH

I used to write about things that bothered me, events that shaped my life, and every once in a while, something specific that happened to me and those around me. My family used to get SO pissed at me. At the time, I would shrug it off and explain that if I was going to take pot shots at anyone else, I needed to make fun of myself first. It was a valid excuse, I mean, explanation – but looking back now, I understand how they must have cringed every week, wondering what was next.

I haven’t quite figured out how I am going to shape this column each week. I should have it figured out in a week or two – just in time for the Christmas Season. I will admit that where I am in life will play a huge part in what I will and won’t say here, so I wouldn’t expect too many bombshells and grenades. I’ve never been happier in my life, nor have I been as successful in business – and it shows when people who haven’t seen me for a while get a glimpse of me on the move.

Couple all that with the simple fact that I don’t have nearly the amount of stress, nor douche-canoes, in my life that I once had, and that should tell you a lot. And yet, still leave enough to the imagination.