Real Life Somerville Police Stories


Daniel Arrest

I was working in uniformed patrol in car East Two.I responded to a call for a man flipping out in the CPCU Credit Union.Upon my arrival the suspect had all ready left. I spoke with witness1witness 2and witness 3about the incident. I also have video and pictures from the video of the incident.
w1 stated that Mr. Daniel who regularly comes into the Credit Union,
as he was entering the Credit Union kicked in the bottom glass to the foyer door.
The Credit Union was open for business at this time. He then walked up to w2 and yelled that she had hung up on him. He had called earlier asking about his parents accounts,she had to put him on hold to answer another call,when she was able to get back to him he was no longer on the line.
w3 who is the Branch Manager heard the commotion and came out of her office.She saw that he was in an agitated state and that he was frightening her employees.Tiago Daniel told her that he could pay for the damage and that he could buy the bank and he could fight a hundred guys,he then turned and punched a framed picture breaking the glass and damaging the frame.
The panic alarm had been activated ,and also w1 who was upstairs was called and he came downstairs and stood between Tiago Daniel and the Credit Union employees. w1 heard Tiago Daniel say he could kick ass,fight one hundred guys . w1 said no one is going to fight we have called the police
Mr. Daniel then started emptying his pockets saying I have a lawyer and I can pay,he then handed w1 is business card and left the Credit union.
Mr. Daniel turned himself into the Police department where I placed him under arrest for Malicious Destruction of Property over 250> and for disturbing the peace.


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