Somerville Fire Fighters Union Endorses Matt McLaughlin in Ward 1 Alderman Race

Somerville Fire Fighters Union Endorses Matt McLaughlin in Ward 1 Alderman Race
East Somerville – October 24, 2013 – In a display of support for the candidate that has already earned widespread endorsements from labor unions and working families, the International Association of Firefighters Local 76, the union of Somerville Fire Fighters, endorsed Matt McLaughlin for Ward 1 Alderman at their meeting last night.
Matt is delighted to receive the endorsement of the Fire Fighters, saying, “Since the beginning of my campaign, I have been 100% committed to fighting for working families in Somerville. I am honored to have the support of an organization that has always worked for its’ members safety and welfare, just as they have protected our community.”
The Fire Fighters’ endorsement, coming just over two weeks after Mayor Joe Curtatone’s endorsement, cements Matt’s standing as an independent candidate who can constructively address complicated issues. The Mayor’s administration and the Fire Fighters’ union have been involved in contentious contract negotiations; having the support of both is a clear display that Matt is the candidate who will continue to create bridges once elected into office.
The Fire Fighters’ endorsement is the most recent endorsement in a string of other important shows of support from labor unions. Matt has received endorsements from twelve other unions and labor organizations representing workers in the public sector (including the Somerville Labor Coalition), the building trades, the service sector, and more. Further underscoring Matt’s broad appeal, Matt has also received the endorsements of current Ward 1 Alderman Maureen Bastardi, Ward 6 Alderman Rebekah Gewirtz, the Progressive Democrats of Somerville, and The Somerville Journal.
Matt is running for the Ward 1 Alderman seat, and is competing against local businessman Elio LoRusso. At the present time of this endorsement Elio LoRusso did not list any endorsements on his website.


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