When Was The Last Time That You Used A Phone Booth?


When’s the last time you used a phone booth? As pay phones become less and less common the booths the housed them have ­­­been left behind in many cities. Not wanting to waste an opportunity to display art, the Somerville Arts Council and the Nave Gallery teamed up to recruit artists who transformed abandoned phone booths into public art. This Sunday, we’re celebrating the opening The Phone Art Box Project, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., with a tour of the first five completed phone art boxes. Follow Mayor Curtatone from box to box for mini-openings with refreshments at each box, or visit any box during the two-hour event at your leisure.


One thought on “When Was The Last Time That You Used A Phone Booth?”

  1. I used phone booths all the time on a recent trip to Canada. And international visitors to the U.S. use our (remaining) pay phones when they visit here. It’s hard to get a cell phone plan without offensively high international roaming charges.

    I’ve also seen MBTA drivers using pay phones, since they’re not allowed to even carry a cell phone when they report to work.

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