Somerville News Weekly Newstalk Shout Out October 22nd, 2013


Congratulations to the new bride and groom, our good friend Rachel and Jeff Snow of Somerville Plumbing Company. Half of Somerville traveled down south this past weekend as the couple tied the knot down in the Garden State of NJ on Saturday! We here at the News wish them all the best for a lifetime of happiness!


Happy Birthday greetings go out to our good friend Massachusetts State Trooper Rick Crosby who is celebrating his birthday this week! Rick is a great guy and is always around the Ville, mostly around all the major construction sites on the roads and highways!


Our condolences to the Monaco Family for the loss of their dad, Robert. Robert was dad to our good friend, Somerville Police Officer Alan Monaco. Robert was a great guy and will be sadly missed!


Our condolences go out to Barry Family for the loss of their dad Joe. Joe was also a fantastic guy and a good friend to many of us here in the Ville who grew up with his son Dennis Barry back in the day and hung around his home every day on Boston Street. Joe will be sadly missed

This week marked the 25th anniversary of Cosmo Curtatone’s passing. Cosmo was a great guy and a dear friend to many of us here at the paper as well as friends to many people in the Ville. Years ago Cosmo was the owner of Griffin the Florist then later on he was the proprietor of the Adams Street Nursing Home. He was also dad to Maria, Joseph and Cosmo Jr. Curtatone.


Regarding that alleged “overtime Scandal Scam” at the DPW regarding all those hundreds of thousands of your tax paying dollars that were paid out because of illigidimit overtime hours that were supposedly submitted by one of two employees at the DPW Garage for “CDL Certification Training”. Now hypothetically if this story checks out and it is what they say it is, is there a liability factor out there hovering around and ready to hit someone in the face like a Boston cream pie with extra frosting? Well, let me put it a bit clearer for you. The scandal supposedly revolved around a guy who worked there who had the balls to bring his classic automobile there to totally restore it on your dime who drove the car right into front door under everyone nose and did his thing to repair it while he was supposed to be CDL Training/ Certification for city employee truck drivers and getting paid for it. One of the problems that are being investigated is the exaggerated overtime hours that these guys billed the city for via their fudged time sheets. The other alleged accusations and rumors that are out there is that these guys or guy weren’t CDL Certified in the first place to begin with to even teach a course of that magnitude that they billed the city for. We also heard that the guy on the other end of the scam, a former state trooper, at the MBTA who was supposedly a family member of the Somerville halfwit DPW instructor who passed all the CDL students with flying colors even though the instructor was allegedly a supposed sham and knowingly not certified? “But Dead men tell no tales,” well at least that’s what they say because here’s the other problem that’s luarking out there right now. The former trooper/family member in question has recently passed away. So that means no depositions inquiries for him will be scheduled, we are guessing or will there be some sort of criminal investigation on the state level regarding this problem? What is the “LIABILITY FACTOR,” the magic words of the day? These guys who taught the class weren’t CDL Certified so does that mean the students that they taught are not properly licensed today as a result of not being what it was supposed to be? Hmmmm? Does this sound a little familiar just like the tainted evidence case at the Massachusetts Crime lab scandal that the chemist Annie Dookhan falsified all the evidence as many as 34,000 criminal cases that wasn’t so long ago are now being dismissed? This could possible turn into a legal turmoil if one of those CDL students ever have a truck accident especially a fatal one? We hope that it doesn’t escalate to that but again who knows?

If this administration lets this slide by, oh la la, what a riot this will cause down the road! Unfortunately, stay tuned for some sadder news that just landed on our back door steps after this print edition got printed regarding the DPW Garage scandal and even possibly new photos?


We heard that the DPW now has someone standing guard over at the DPW time clock to make sure that everybody punches in and out at the right time when they are supposed to. Precautions never hurt anybody, well at least that’s what they say? It’s just too bad that allegedly one bad apple is causing all this mess at the DPW Garage! We have a lot of fantastic men and women who work down at the Somerville DPW who don’t like this anymore than we all do and they don’t deserve to be put under a microscope at all with this entire hype and polygraph test baloney etc.. because of one or two idiots.


Here’s another rumor that’s circulating around the Ville that we heard has started from the top dog down at the Fire Marshal’s office and is believed to be leading investigators and criminal analyst and others thinking that the string of arson fires that were happening in the Ville over the past two months were allegedly somehow connected to a Cavalia Horse Show employee that is rumored to have to been starting those fires around the city.
Some are saying that the fires all started at about the same time period when the horse show came to town and the fires stopped when the show left town. Another reason that some are believing this might be true is because we heard that the same type of suspicious fires have started where the show’s big white top has recently driven it’s stakes into the ground after they left Somerville and arrived at their new venue in Washington? We just hope that Somerville has seen the last of any fires!

Don’t Forget That This Is “Somerville Food Week In The Ville”Oct 17-24


The Walnut Street Center in Somerville is losing one of its biggest assets. Emma Taddeo is leaving the Walnut Street Center for a job with the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center. We wish her and The Walnut Street Center all the best!


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