Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Karl BAER (OUI Liquor)

On September 15, 2021, I Officer Prophete, was on duty and assigned to uniform patrol in marked cruiser East 3. At approximately 12:48 AM I was dispatched along with East 2 (C.Bork) for a motor vehicle accident involving a car hitting a dumpster.

Simultaneously, Officer C. Bork received a call for a possible larceny in progress and was called off. During Officer C. Bork travels on Highland Ave at the corner of Benton Road she came across a Toyota, Camry bearing a Massachusetts registration of XXXX that had struck a dumpster. A male party, later identified as Karl Baer, was standing by the open driver side door. Officer C. Bork pulled up to the vehicle and asked Mr. Baer if he was ok and if he needed any medical attention. Mr. Baer shook his head side to side and stated that he did not, sighed, and pointed at the car saying he hit the dumpster. Officer C. Bork informed Mr. Baer that the area car will be right along to assist him in getting his car towed and continued to her call.

Upon my arrival, a Toyota, Camry unoccupied bearing a Massachusetts registration of XXXX had struck a dumpster. The airbags were deployed and the dumpster had been push into the street. At this time Mr. Baer was standing behind the vehicle. Mr. Baer stated My friend was driving and he took off run I asked Mr. Baer why did his friend take off was the vehicle stole? Mr. Baer stated No the car belongs to my friend he just took off running. I asked Mr. Baer for his friends name he stated I dont know. I asked Mr. Baer if he was in the vehicle he stated I dont know. Mr. Baer was unsteady on his feet. As he got closer I noticed his eyes to be bloodshot, watery, and could smell the odor of alcohol on his breath as he spoke. I asked Mr. Baer if he had been drinking and he said that he had had a few. I asked what he was drinking and he stated mix drinks. I turned Mr. Baer over to Cataldo Personnel to be checked out Mr. Baer declined medical attention.

I informed dispatch the driver may have taken off and asked if they could start a tow. I began to do an inventory of the vehicle. During the inventory I found a cell phone unlocked on the driver front seat. I asked Mr. Baer if the phone belonged to him he stated I dont know. I called the last person to see if I could obtain some information. I spoke to a female listed as XXXX in the phone contacts who stated the phone belonged to Karl. As I was talking to the female party the call dropped before I could get her information. I continued to do my inventory and found a Massachusetts registration with Mr. Baer name on it and a set of plates XXXX which was active. I asked Mr. Baer once again who the vehicle belonged to he stated I dont Know. I asked if he had been driving he stated I dont know.

After clearing her call, Officer C. Bork contacted me with a description of the driver as a bald male, wearing a green polo, and khakis which matched Mr. Baer.

I asked Mr. Baer if he would consent to field sobriety tests. He shook his head and said no. At this point I informed him that he was under arrest for Operating under the influence of alcohol. I handcuffed Mr. Baer and requested for unit 200, the prisoner transport vehicle. When 200 arrived I walked Mr. Baer to the prisoner transport vehicle. Mr. Baers vehicle was towed via Pats Towing. Mr. Baer was transported to the Somerville Police Department and was booked in the usual Manner by Lieutenant DeOliveira. Mr. Baer refused the Breathalyzer. He will be issued MA uniform Citation T1823939 for OUI Liquor. All documents will be submitted into evidence. I will also be filing a crash report under the same incident number.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Frandiane Prophete #332
Somerville Police Department

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