Please Consider Casting Your Vote For William B. Tauro for Mayor of Somerville

Welcome All,

As we continue our great campaign I want everyone to remember,

My biggest fight is for you. And it’s not all about the corruption or bad behaviors and practices of the city officials and various department workers, it is about preserving your future. Saving you from financial ruins as underhanded factions conspire to rob you of your life work to earn enough money to purchase your dream home and then once your goal was reached, you were charged with outrageous fees, taxes and forced sales to find a more cheaper and affordable way.

I have seen what this small group has done over the last two decades. Each year hoping that someone will step up and set things straight! Make it fair for all to enjoy. Being raised in Somerville we all stepped up when something was wrong and corrected the wrongs. Now because of forced abandonment, many families have moved out of the community for lacking the finances to compete with the transients that see our city as an easy target for their concepts and ideas. We have been the grounds for change and the rapid advancement has accelerated too quickly forcing many to run and catch up.

I put the question out to all the current Councilors just last September asking any of them to run for the office that would best protect the citizens from this corrupt behavior. They all denied the option and said good luck, we, will not get in the way. That just demonstrates their intentions as two of them are now candidates for Mayor only after my hard efforts to demonstrate his inability to continue was divulged. Only after the announcement of the administration not seeking another term did these fence jumping two decide to speak out of the other side of their mouths and run for the office seat.

Months after, we started our own campaigning, the old administration guard decided that after multiple polling they needed another candidate to take away from similar groups but not to win, to be puppeted by others. Her husband was already involved in several deals within the city to cash out of his piece of the corruption pie. I will not deter from doing what has been the right way for so long but not exercised by those In charge. I am here for the true meaning of a political figure, that is to represent the people and their best interests.

I ask you all to not have a sour attitude but to do the right thing for our city and vote for me, as your next Mayor of Somerville. I can promise you this, I will follow thorugh with what I state. Which is a rarety to the average political figure.
Thank you for your time and please remember to Vote today on September 14th.

William B. Tauro for Mayor
First on the ballot.
I will apply common sense to get the job done!

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